An Overview of Seiko Solar SUP021P1 SUP021 SUP021P Women’s Watch

Wearing a solar watch is a way of being stylish in an eco-friendly way. Here’s a clever and cute way to keep the time by Seiko Solar SUP021P1 a lovely light pink. Most of the women like the pink color and a watch with small dimensions. This watch is made according to the likes and dislikes of women. It has well designed Case and bracelet which are made of Stainless Steel. The Pink dial has sharp hands and glowing markers. The bracelet has an elegant design and tightened with Clasp with push button which is very convenient to use. Hardlex Crystal is used in making of the glass over the dial. Hardlex Crystal gives it the capability to stay beautiful since it is durable and scratch resistant.

This Seiko Womens Watch works on Solar Charging Function. In solar watches, the light panels absorb natural or artificial light and convert it to electrical energy that runs the clock. Generally the photo-voltaic solar cells that are present in these watches are rechargeable and store considerable amount of energy to run the watch even at night or on cloudy days. This watch gives accurate time and it has the Caliber of V114. Women work with water several times a day and there watch should be water resistant. Seiko Ladies Watch has the resistance to water up to 50 meters depth. Therefore no need to remove or take care of this watch even when you are at swimming pool or beaches. This watch is one of the best creations of Seiko Watches which is dedicated to woman. Buy Watch and stay away from the hassles of changing the batteries often.

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Seiko Solar SUP021P1 SUP021 SUP021P Women's Watch
Seiko Solar SUP021P1 SUP021 SUP021P Womens Watch

Some Important Features:

Stainless Steel Case
Stainless Steel Bracelet
Caliber: V114
Solar Charging Function
Pink Dial
Clasp with push button
Hardlex Crystal
50M Water Resistant

This watch is available for US $115.00 with us.
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