A Review of Citizen Diver Depth Meter Promaster Cyber Aqualand JV0020-04E Watch

The Citizen diver watch is amongst the best regarded, established dive watch available today. Far be it from creating expensive divine watches that are unobtainable to the average scuba diver, a Citizen diving watch is both sturdy enough to resist the rigors of a seawater environment, yet affordable enough to serve as either a primary or back up watch. Citizen Promaster watch has always been breaking new ground in watch technology for more than seven decades. Its record of achievements boasts many like the world’s most accurate analog watches, the world’s thinnest light powered watch, the world’s most advances radio controlled watch and many more. This Citizen Aqualand Promaster Eco-Drive dive watch is useful for the fancier diving. It is also suitable for daily use. Citizen JV0020-04E Promaster Aqualand watch, for recreational and professional divers watch. You can also use this watch in swimming, free diving without scuba gear and all kinds of water sports. This Citizen watch features Eco Drive technology, which harnesses the power of light, so it never needs to change the battery.

This professional Citizen diver watch using a 4 motor, 4 hand independent movement and smartly equipped with a depth meter. The depth meter can measure depths down to 100 meter and can keep record of up to 20 diving logs. It features also water sensor, 42 city world time, Depth sensor to 100M. This watch also features calendar which function displays the dates of the month, three alarms can be set independently of each other. 12/24 change time display can be set to show either 12 hour or 24 hour formats. This Citizen watch also has low charge indicator for solar cell which indicates that when the cell needs charging by light. Magic light EL electro luminescence enables the push of a button to light up the dial. This is done by phosphorescent substance under the influence of an applied voltage.

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Citizen Diver Depth Meter Promaster Cyber Aqualand JV0020-04E Watch
Citizen Diver Depth Meter Promaster Cyber Aqualand JV0020-04E Watch

Some Important Features:

New technology depth meter.
Eco-Drive – powered by light.
Current depth display in digital to 100 meters
Measure maximum depth and duration of dive
Dive log memory for up to 20 dives
Accuracy: 15 seconds/month
Auto-start dive mode
3 Alarms
12/24 hour time
World Travel time (42 cities, 29 time zones)
Electro luminescence Backlighting
Water resistant to 200m

This watch is available for US $ 350.00 with us
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