A Review of Casio G shock GW-S5600-1JF Carbon Fiber Insert Band MULTI BAND 6 Limited Edition Watch

This model is a very nice piece of modern technology.  This watch has wonderful Radio-Controlled automatic. This watch receives a time calibration signal and updates its time setting according. This watch is designed to pick up the time calibration signals transmitted in Germany, England, United States, china and Japan. This watch also adjusts its time setting atomically in accordance with time calibration signal. This watch also has signal strength indicator function which shows the strength of the calibration signal being received. The world time features shows the current time in 48 cities 29 times around the world.  This watch has 5 alarm mode. The alarm mode gives you a choice of four one time-alarm and one snooze alarm. The stopwatch of this watch lets you measure elapsed time, split times and two finishes. The display range of the stopwatch is 23 hour hours 59 minutes, 59.99 seconds.

This Casio g shock watch also has countdown timer function. You can set the countdown timer within a range of one minute to 24 hours. An alarm sounds when the countdown reaches zero. The countdown end beeper lets you know when the countdown reaches zero. This Casio g shock watch equipped with a solar cell and a rechargeable battery that is charged by the electrical power produced by the solar cell.  This watch has an electro-luminescent panel that causes the entire display to glow for easy reading in the dark. The watch’s auto light switch turns on illumination automatically when you angle the watch towards your face. The daylight saving time advances the time setting by one hour from standard time.

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Some Important Features:

Shock resistant
Solar powered
200m Water resistant
World time 48 cities
Auto calendar
Power Saving
12/24 hour format
Electro-luminescent backlight
5 Independent daily alarms
1/100-second stopwatch MAX 24 hour
Countdown timer (Countdown Max 24 hour)
Battery power indicator

Size: 46.7 X 43.2 X 12.7 mm
Weight : 47 g

This watch is available for US $350.00 with us
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