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Perfect watch for Men – Seiko Prospex SBBN017 Marine Master

To the casual watch-wearer, Seiko is just one brand of high-quality watches but those who spent some time winding crowns will take pleasure embracing its higher-end sub-brands, not all of which are readily available always. The Prospex (Marinemaster) comes under this category second only to the Grand Seiko, and way ahead the Seiko 5 models.

Buying the SEIKO Spirit Military Quartz SBCA001

The convenience of quartz behind a uniquely designed, black dial housing small, bar indexes and luminous, silver-tone hands. It all looks good but then again, the bad news is that its production has been discontinued. That made snobs look for something beyond their Grand Seiko, Credor and Prospex horizons and go after all of these

An article of Seiko Quartz Chronograph SNDD51P1 SNDD51P Mens Watch

  The Seiko Watch brand is popular for making stylish watches with meticulous technologies. They make strong place in marker and people hearts via their watches. This Stylish fabulous watch is from Seiko comes with full of splendid features.  The Material stainless steel is used in making the case of this watch and the bracelet

A Review of Seiko Titanium Two-tone Chronograph SND451P1 SND451P SND451 Watch

SND451P1 is grand two-tone chronograph watch from Seiko. This Seiko Chronograph range of watches come with a Titanium case, with its dial consisting of three secondary dials with a chronograph feature and date display. The Seiko Chronograph watches come with Hardlex glass, and are water resistant. With its Titanium case and bracelet this watch is

Top 10 Citizen Watches to buy in 2022 other than the new releases

Watches made wonderful gifts yesteryears as they do now; only that there weren’t too many when it was about making a choice. Very recently – compared to the entire timeline of the watch industry – concepts behind watch-making went awash by the digital wave; now, you’re spoilt for choices.

Calibre Combats: ETA 2824 vs. ETA 2892-A2

Calibre Combats

To some, the Swatch Group’s movement manufacturer forms the cornerstone of the luxury watch industry while others call it an evil organisation under the Swatch-owned cartel. But you can’t deny the fact that even well-established brands depended on ETA for a steady supply of movements and again they are since 2020


2022 has just begun! We’ve only been 96 (and a few more) hours into it; still in our festive moods after the long suffocating days of 2020; extending well into 2021and since then, been fading until Omicron reared its dirty little head. However, good news is, people are saying Omicron isn’t as bad as we thought it to be earlier.

ChronoTales: Rewind 2021

Foreword “In presence of the new Corona virus variants and a general lack of vaccines worldwide; the governments seeing no end of trouble and their citizens facing tough economies, uncertainty is expected to loom for some more time.“ Or that’s what you are told. The Deloitte State of the Consumer tracker, however, gives a different


Q. Dear Gonzo, I have been following your column and I found my interest on watches growing leaps and bounds; it’s been quite a while. I have accumulated a small collection of – not watches, as you might think – names from which, I’m going to pick just two. One I definitely wish to be


Q. Dear Gonzo, Lest it comes as a shock to you, I’d like to declare right away – I’m not actually interested in watches and neither trying to put a guise; nor posing an instance of an intellectual inquiry about watches with something else in hiding. What I’m actually asking is obvious; whether rhetorical or

Top 10 Automatic Watches to buy in 2022

Introduction Trust me, owning an automatic watch doesn’t always require you to shell out thousands or millions. Neither do you need to live the life of a celebrity or an industrialist with pockets deep enough to buy an island in the midst of the Pacific. Or, hobnobbing with the Mafioso!  Being the proud owner of

“You gave quartz a bad name”: No, not really!

“Both mainstream and niche watch collectors’ culture gave quartz a bad name for it killing (well, almost) the mechanical watch industry the world always held in high regards!” Judging a movement on the basis of ‘how it is fabricated’ and ‘where it is fabricated’ has raised quite a few many debates along the way.  A

Casio watches and their wonderful obsessivity

G-Shocks originated essentially as one man’s (Kikuo Ibe) continuous efforts about creating the closest possible thing to an indestructible watch. That toughness is definitely a VERY big part of the G-Shock charm, but that’s not entirely what makes them a hot favorite to people with a fascination for gadgets. All the parts that make them

What kind of goods are watches?

“Since when did logic invade the realms of luxury; may I ask you back?” Disclaimer It’s not an attempt in evading the very question hurled; it’s rather an attempt to draw a parameter around which, an answer to an equation we perhaps could attempt finding out for a clear answer at the end. For, why