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Flashy looks, exposed guts

Gruesome! To us humans that is; for Pinhead or Butterball – in fact the entire army of the Cenobites – they would die to sport that look! But IMHO, there are not too many readers here with a true admiration for the Hellraiser series. But one thing I must say: If Cenobites wore watches; they

Newsletter: Zeppelin Watches On Sale – Coupon Code For Discount Inside!!

Zeppelin Watches On Sale – Coupon Code For Discount Inside!!

It’s your time to choose something different than the usual Swiss and Japanese! The Germans are here with their magnificent slew of wonderful, retro-themed functional wrist-wears that will take you back to the early days of aviation, bringing back to the mind the world flights through an exotic collection of Zeppelin watches. Lookout especially for

The story behind ‘Pilot’ watches

Truth be told, all men’s wristwatches owe to the pilots. That definitely kills the thrill right away and right at first, but I’m not here to spin yarns for you or cook up a story either. Maybe that’s blatant; maybe something even more – either way, I don’t mind. Remembering Alberto Santos-Dumont – the very

For social peacocks this time!

We are now pretty much used to watches that do more than just telling the time. I’m not quite sure how many people opt for them out of pure appreciation as opposed to their sheer inability for draping around a banner with their personal details on it; in my not so humble opinion, it is

Hesalite crystal or the Sapphire-one?

Hesalite crystal or the Sapphire

While I could only speculate about a substantial chunk holding Hesalite dear to their heart, there is no doubt about Sapphire being the crystal of choice for an unlimited number of people. The watch industry over the past decade witnessed an accelerated growth and sale due to the introduction of many a new innovations and