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Seiko’s passion continues

The quartz watch started in the same year when Man, arguably, landed on the Moon. Whether you take that period favored by planetary conditions or ruled by the numbers, 1969 witnessed several conventional concepts give way to inspirations, some of which still stay put. Putting a crystal oscillator at the core for steadfast accuracy is

Looking for a quality watch? Watch your steps!

I’m perhaps chewing the old fat again. Blame it on the Ignoramus (or maybe someone posing as an Ignoramus) who mailed me yesterday whose idea about a Seiko is nothing different from a Casio digital (I never said Casio-s are bad; it’s just that some people fail to notice the difference between the types) and

The Grand Seiko – Not just an expensive timekeeper

I’m not sure how many of you got into the Caliber 9F. As for me, I didn’t feel an urge for the same till this friend of mine got down one GS last week. Last Sunday, I borrowed the manual for him out of curiosity and to my surprise, I found out it’s the limited

Grand Seiko: A perfect match to business suits?

This time I tell you about this guy who finally agreed to retire his Timex and look at slightly more expensive Jap makes. Provided he is into the corporate world, his options are limited. He’s one of those strictly-one people who are not willing to spend on two or more. He liked my Citizen chrono

Supposedly Seiko-s

Just like any other watch enthusiast, higher-end Seikos allure me big time. It was love at first sight with the Grand Seiko (costly baby) but I found the SBDX001  slightly better aesthetically. The sad part is, the price-tag still keeps me off; I have settled for the Seiko MarineMaster instead, at almost half the price.

Seiko Ananta: Uniquely compelling on several different grounds

Seiko mastered technical know-how-s long back and henceforth went after improvisations and improvements. On its way, they left behind technological marvels, excelled to perfection, one after another. However, Seiko’s best collections often stayed unknown to the rest of the world, at least initially. The best were often reserved almost solely for the domestic market.  

Why pay more when digitals are just as accurate?

There’s an old joke about the way men spend on their object(s) of desire. Usually, we do not hesitate paying double the amount for something we really fancy (but that doesn’t mean we do not look for bargains. Else, many of us would have small collections to display). Women (and a large number of them),

Magic inside, bling outside

A man writing on women’s choice of watches? That’s enough to make readers think I’m writing for girls with a fascination for wearing men’s watches but no, the daddy’s girl (about whom I spoke earlier) has now started educating me on what a woman’s choice should be in this department. And that’s giving me the

Why go for the mechanicals when quartz is higher in accuracy?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to show automatic and hand-wind watches lesser than quartz. It’s a known fact quartz is superior when it comes to precision (or accuracy) but that’s not what wearing or owning watches is all about.  Mechanical watches have many other advantages and offers a different pleasure that surpasses 24/7

Citizen Signatures: You won’t like another chrono

A casual wearer or buyer won’t know about these. The Citizen Signature Collection is the tool that promoted Citizen ECO-Drive to the classes formerly ruled by Cartier and Rolex. Not even the Campanola luxury line could invade that; it is solely the Signature Collection that has made luxury and craftsmanship available at a fraction of the price

Casio: The New Face of Luxury

It is a commendable effort from Casio though it hints somewhat towards the current trend of jumping on the luxury bandwagon, albeit the mid-tier ($4,000), slightly above the basic. That’s several steps up from the Edifice and a few more steps higher than the usual G Shock, but 30 years is a bit too long taken for the upgrade.

Luxury and women: Features vs. facades

Certain people just love to take advantage of their position. It’s the same Swiss-maniac I’m pointing towards; now his trip is educating me on the perfect Swiss watch for women. Sure, learning doesn’t hurt, but do I really need to get on an extensive educational jaunt on something I shall be able lay my fingers

Citizen’s First Luxury Anniversary

This is about a Jap-Euro connection; or, precisely, a Jap-Swiss connection and that’s something beyond just a Swiss spirit in a Jap body or the other way ‘round. It’s old news though.  But back in 2012 (in its 80th anniversary)when Citizen was eyeing several mid-sized yet prominent Swiss luxury watch brands, things turned real hot.

A personal list: Luxury within budget

My last post spoke about priggery – pardon my language – and all that it holds in high regards. Now, while I have nothing against someone giving the business-class Mercs an upper hand in comparison with the Audi A6 (or the other way around), I find it rather pesky when you are forced to agree

Ideas of luxury

<=Recap The weight is just one side to the fact that a luxury watch stands out from the crowd. It is a statement – a symbol of the owner’s type. It’s subconscious that reflects through your choice of watches (or, watch). Note: My own idea is not so extreme. However, that should make us think