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Victorinox: Forming new alliances in the prestige domain

Team says: Okay folks, so here we are again, back to business full tilt and while the rest of us are busy handling the new inventory, Gonzo agrees to shoulder the responsibilities of keeping you informed and entertained for the next few weeks. So, without further ado: Are Victorinox Swiss Army watches an appropriate choice […]

Morellato Gaia: Precious in feel, fun in reality

Morellato Gaia: Precious in feel, fun in reality

Greek mythology portrays Gaia as Earth. Some believe that she is the Goddess/spiritual embodiment of the earth. And thus, the Morellato Gaia exhibits itself for different moods. The connection is clear. The down-to-earth designs of the Gaia collection represents the carefree, gritty yet chic women who like to dress as their emotions go. Tenderness and […]

Oyster vs. Oyster: The Swiss-Jap fight renews

The Oyster Perpetual watches from Rolex fit all the luxury criteria while the Orient Oyster doesn’t. Compare them side by side and you’ll be very much surprised with what you get. Now, we are certainly not going to compare the movements; that would be foolish. For, the Rolex Perpetual movements equipping the Oyster models – […]

Magic of the Maestro [Pt. I]


About RW: Raymond Weil , Geneve, is one of the few remaining independent, family-owned operations in the Swiss watch industry, starting in 1976. It’s around 42 years old now. RW Maestro: In their compositions Complexity is integral to mechanical devices, a nasty evil. Efforts always remain towards curbing- if possible, eliminating – them, but the […]

Newsletter : Skagen Watches On Sale – Additional 10% discount code inside!!!

Skagen Watches On Sale – Additional 10% discount code inside!!!

We bring you both Men’s and Women’s Skagen watches on sale with the most sought after features like mesh bracelets, slimline designs and Titanium as the basic building material. Welcome to a vast array of timeless, purposeful and new-world designs that will entice the futuristic, urban mindset. Simplify your experience with an additional 10% discount […]

Radiomir, Luminor – sort of an evolution and morphing into each other: The Mir-Marina song!

Greetings, dear readers! Queries poured in ever since the last post went up and more are asking me to be more elaborate about the differences that Radiomir and Luminor bear. Well; but how about relating the Luminor to the Radiomir instead? Those who have read Gonzo’s posts so far are no stranger to the fact […]

Gonzo and his grumblings – I

Better versions to some of the bests There’s nothing that probably beats the Swiss! That’s how the world goes. You can’t blame anyone for that. Bigotry has been a longstanding tradition among humans. Even watches were (and are) not spared! End result: You end up denying many other fantastic pieces equal to their European cousins. […]

Symphony: The less-famous classic from Orient

Talking about the classic-styled Orients inevitably and invariably takes you to the excellent STAR, followed by the Monarch and then Bambino in all its varieties; some bend towards the Galant and only few get to see the Symphony. The Symphony houses the same Caliber 48743 in-house, automatic movement. This automatic movement also goes into the Bambino. It is […]

Disc-y time: The Nixon Rotolog

Inexpensive is not a cheap, off-the-shelf watch with a Chinese quartz movement inside a gaudy, roughly-finished case and badly done details. But what do you call a well made watch that doesn’t follow the normal parameters; made from quality materials and doesn’t cost a bomb? Gonzo asked us that question after the Rotolog showed up […]

Newsletter : Seiko Solar Chronograph Diver’s Watches on Sale – Coupon Code Inside!!

  From reliability to style to rock-hard durability, the Seiko Solar Chronograph Diver’s watches demonstrate the brand’s prowess in creating irresistible, light-powered dive watches that are impossible to be mistaken for any other. Creationwatches bring you a fabulous chance to make the best of the breed your own at an extra 8% price cut on […]