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Immensely refreshing! Always

Immensely refreshing! Always

Pre-talk Gonzo recently lead us in the direction of a thorough research about some of life’s horological staples. But given – “as laid back as we all are” – as he claims, in matters of horological learning and investigations (“We are, O Gonzo; you needn’t graduate medical science or medicine to marry or whatever….),we could […]

Flashy looks, exposed guts

Gruesome! To us humans that is; for Pinhead or Butterball – in fact the entire army of the Cenobites – they would die to sport that look! But IMHO, there are not too many readers here with a true admiration for the Hellraiser series. But one thing I must say: If Cenobites wore watches; they […]

Furla: Full-figured, feminine forms

Full-figured, female-friendly forms

Furla, no doubt, is a fashion watch brand, the class of watches loved and abhorred equally for their varying degrees of quality. The good ones can be really, really good indeed; reliable, accurate – with movements that wouldn’t win any beauty award contest, but might just for their steadfast perseverance. Often they will use Hattori, […]

The story behind ‘Pilot’ watches

Truth be told, all men’s wristwatches owe to the pilots. That definitely kills the thrill right away and right at first, but I’m not here to spin yarns for you or cook up a story either. Maybe that’s blatant; maybe something even more – either way, I don’t mind. Remembering Alberto Santos-Dumont – the very […]

For social peacocks this time!

We are now pretty much used to watches that do more than just telling the time. I’m not quite sure how many people opt for them out of pure appreciation as opposed to their sheer inability for draping around a banner with their personal details on it; in my not so humble opinion, it is […]

The Italian face of Luxury!

Around a couple weeks back (or longer) a question was raised by a close friend who is ready for another purchase and wanted to get my perspective on an Italian watch maker, Maserati; knowing that I often post (or, try to) for the Creation Watches Blog. This gentleman deep up to his eyeballs in motorsports […]

ETA Quartz movements and COSC: A requirement or an extra add-on?

On contexts of accuracy Quartz movements are typically more accurate than their mechanical brethren, but accuracy and precision; then again, are not exactly the same things. Precision is not lagging or going beyond the +X number of seconds within a given timeframe and that does not mean the variation will be consistent for each day. […]

Quartz: The Upper Crust of it

Why this break? Before we get to Pro-Trek, we must get some idea about high-accuracy quartz movements. We start with the plain analogs. We must get it clear right at this point that we are not discussing enforced accuracy – the kind that comes from radio-tower signals and the orbiting GPS satellites. Neither the non-standard […]

Does Gonzo approve of the Italian watch brands? – Team CW wonders

Luxury watches, to the most of us, do not go beyond the Swiss borders; only the truly horologically erudite glides into the French, English, German and Japanese realms and uncovers unprecedented pieces that stand ground on their own merits. Add to this list a republic in southern Europe, famous for its artworks and its luxury […]

Morellato: Exclusively Woman-isque

Newsleeter: Morellato: Exclusively Woman-isque

Few are there in the male-dominated world of horology who thought about creating pieces exclusively for women. Morellato banged the nail right on the head. Today, the wonderful collection of Morellato watches show that they are in business and the business is good! The most impressive collection – arguably – from Morellato is definitely the […]