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Mother’s Day ideas: Beyond flowers, chocolates and family dinners

A great Mother’s Day idea is something to accompany her year round. Watches fit just right! Mother’s Day is happy time for the fortunate who received motherly love from anyone; not just from the lady who bore you in its literal sense. Or, it could be about anyone whose motherly instincts you admire. It’s about

STP: Fossil’s secret, little weapon

STP: Fossil’s secret, little weapon

Fossil’s line of men’s automatic watches raised as many questions as eyebrows from the watch-loving community almost a half a decade back. For a company making quartz watches their bread and butter, many felt apprehensive if their automatic movements came from China. At prices well below the $500 mark, it’s pretty normal to feel if

Newsletter: Popular Sold Out Watches – Now Back In Stock!!!

Popular Sold Out Watches – Now Back In Stock!!!

We get many questions about products that got sold out formerly and we keep constant watch on those desired and asked for. It fills up the void. We found many who missed out on previous models and appreciate the Back in Stock option as a means to get their hands on one. Back in Stock

Swiss Fossil – Your Swiss ‘go-to’ watch!

With Fossil, truth be told, you can never get too serious. Yes, they do have some very interesting designs that charm you all the way through but you can never sport one as much fervidly as you would with – say, an Omega! Fossil does make for excellent office-wears for executives and mid-managerial posts; it’s

For social peacocks this time!

We are now pretty much used to watches that do more than just telling the time. I’m not quite sure how many people opt for them out of pure appreciation as opposed to their sheer inability for draping around a banner with their personal details on it; in my not so humble opinion, it is

ETA Quartz movements and COSC: A requirement or an extra add-on?

On contexts of accuracy Quartz movements are typically more accurate than their mechanical brethren, but accuracy and precision; then again, are not exactly the same things. Precision is not lagging or going beyond the +X number of seconds within a given timeframe and that does not mean the variation will be consistent for each day.

Newsletter : Victorinox Watches On Sale – Coupon Code For Discount Inside!!

Victorinox Watches On Sale – Coupon Code For Discount Inside!!

Victorinox Swiss Army watches make for more than decent wrist wears that are Swiss-made and you don’t need to pretend to be wearing something that it’s not. These Victorinox Watches on Sale are long-lasting, military-inspired timepieces now available at an additional 8% discount with Coupon Code: VICTORINOX or people who are against breaking their bank

Newsletter: Singles’ Day Sale is now on!


Proud to be single? You bet. However, this year, be proud of pairing up with your favourite watch! It’s about being single but not about being single again! Carrying the university tradition into society doesn’t mean you can’t have something that you love. And the best part is, this pairing-up is not at all going

Gonzo and his grumblings – I

Better versions to some of the bests There’s nothing that probably beats the Swiss! That’s how the world goes. You can’t blame anyone for that. Bigotry has been a longstanding tradition among humans. Even watches were (and are) not spared! End result: You end up denying many other fantastic pieces equal to their European cousins.

Newsletter : Black Friday Deals Week starts now!

All right! You’re just a week away from Black Friday. You know the interesting history of Black Friday, so there’s no point in repeating; rather, let’s give you the real scoop! brings you a special Black Friday deal that stretches your dollars further. It’s not about advertising deep discounts; it’s about making you go

Ask Gonzo ’bout Watches (XXXVIII) – A question ’bout bare minimums

Q. Dear Gonzo, I want my first watch to be a skeleton or with a semi-skeleton face and a sapphire glass would be too good. It must be a good fit for strict- and semi formal dressing, I’ll also try to avoid numbers on the dial (if possible) for a cluttered look is something I can’t

Technomarine Cruise Sport: The bold, vibrant, sea-bound beasts

It can’t be that the readers of our blog never heard of the name TechnoMarine. However, some might question its stand as a Swiss luxury watch, given it’s not been even two full decades since it took shape. French entrepreneur Franck Dubarry showed Geneva the launch of the Raft; the vacation souvenir chronograph sold in

Ask Gonzo ’bout watches – XXXIII

Q. Dear Gonzo! You can make out from the name this being my second mail to you. The last time and I must say here you have my hearty thanks for the priming-up session that introduced me to watch buying. I’m enjoying your choice, or suggestion – whichever way you might look at it –

Cost: From a vegan perspective

“Hamesha itnie kimti ghadiya kaheko lagaata?” – “Why do you put on such costly watches every time?” Things are not much different in India. Here, too, the craft of watch-making comes under siege at times. Stepping into the battleground thus created is a matter of choice; to defend it; plain, cold logic is enough. Their