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Calibre VK63: Classic know-how partners modern designs

The whole CW team turned very enthusiastic when this new calibre VK63 flew in with the new lot. We’ve heard bits and pieces ‘bout its novelty, energy-efficient, modular construction, but so far didn’t see how it manifests itself. IMHO, it manifests damn well. Inspired by 70’s sporty style, Seiko gives it a slight, modern twist

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There are busy dads and lazy dads, fun dads and grumpy dads, golf dads and football dads, but they all have one thing in common: they are the best dads in the world and yea, no matter how many watches they already have, they won’t mind one more. Every watch is gift wrapped with love.

Smart or Simple – Who wins the game?

This again happens to be another futile attempt at covering the occasional – now a bit old – dire warnings of modern electronics sucking out the lifeblood off watch-crafting as we mostly know it today. If that’s a little hard to understand, it is the chewed-dry remnants of the smart versus classic watches debate. The

Why Grand Seiko mechanicals are honoured as timeless luxury? – Gonzo explains, Santo writes

[Part: III] So we return to the topic again. Gonzo went on about the 46 years of experience backing up Seiko’s production quartz watches. He started on the finer details a bit and was about to raise his praises about the greatness of the movements (his ‘hots’ for the 9F showed), when suddenly, there was