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Air-time once again

A brief history Pilot watches should be your choice if you prefer substantial solidity with precise timekeeping that’s easy to read. Often referred as flieger-s (German for flyer), they became popular during World War II. Air combat demanded a legible and accurate, anti-magnetic watch for the Luftwaffe crew and it was commissioned. The scene today:

Newsletter : Black Friday Sale Starts Now!

The Christmas Shopping season starts! Black Friday marks its starting. Take advantage of the deals we bring you this time; they apply in general and also on specific collections. For 200 specific watches, you get a flat 15% discount on the fixed price when you use the Coupon Code : BFSALE. and for others, an

Trustworthy straps, lust-worthy straps – We start with the NATO

The early days of watch collecting as a hobbyist – that could be anyone of you into this horological affair – must remember the too many mistakes committed while pairing up a watch and its strap. Those made a considerable amount of money go down the drains. Call it too much of a wishful thinking

Cost: From a vegan perspective

“Hamesha itnie kimti ghadiya kaheko lagaata?” – “Why do you put on such costly watches every time?” Things are not much different in India. Here, too, the craft of watch-making comes under siege at times. Stepping into the battleground thus created is a matter of choice; to defend it; plain, cold logic is enough. Their

All that thousand dollars can buy

Invariably, the first thing to come in mind is Swiss, but hey, let me tell you straightaway that it won’t be Swiss enough. True, the Swiss brought some of the best innovations in horology; be it in design or in technology, the words Geneve and Suisse bring around a mesmerizing effect. But only for so

Flieger talk

I love single malts. My Friday and Saturday evenings stay kind of drenched in it but the once drink and puke bunch have turned sober, so the fun also watered down a great deal. For example, if someone banged his wrist on the wall out of spree and broke his digital Casio, it was fun.

Watch-ing for occassions

Someone I know is marrying this winter. That’s only a couple of months before the wedding bell rings, so a lot of hurry and scurries make the scene. The spree is driving the family to grab at anything affordable and a lot of bad purchases are a part of it. Lest you too undergoing a

Three Aces to Casio – No more the toy-stuff

Mondays usually piss me off. It’s the kinda “Oh! Not again…” feel that keeps me ill-tempered well until noon. Now, I guess most of us are like that; all those who work to earn their bread (and cheese, and butter, and eggs, and bacon and so on…). Mondays are necessary evils throwing opportunities for those

The ‘Hawk tale

Let me clear things right here. I’m not a pilot (and none in my close circuits is, bar one) so do not expect me tech-geeking all the way. It’s just a watch lover’s account on a great addition to the five Citizens I find oh-so-cool. Why? Because it’s easy to use, have great functionalities (yep,

Percentages and personal preferences: Slide-rules trick’ntreats

 <= ETA With percentages, things are like unit conversions only. Say, 20% of $70. Align 10 (inner rule) with 80 (outer rule) (80% of $70) on the outer rule, making 70 (inner rule) line up with 56 (outer rule). So, final price is $56. Or, do it backwards. Say, you buy a $25 worth something

A Review of Seiko Pilot’s Solar Alarm Chronograph Flightmaster SSC011P1 SSC011 SSC011P Mens Watch

There are verity of different watches are available for looking attractive and fashionable it depends on people need or choice, now watches designers making watches for fields like aviation, sport etc. We have such a beautiful kind of mens watch that especially designs for related to aviation persons. This particular pilot Seiko Flightmaster watch comes

An Overview of Tissot T-Touch Expert Pilot Analog-Digital T013.420.44.057.00 Mens Watch

Tissot watches have been the standard of pioneering and sophisticated Swiss watch design and technology since the company was founded in 1853. Stylistically they are an impeccable combination of fine taste, and an athletic and active lifestyle. This Tissot T-Touch T013.420.44.057.00 Men’s Watch is the fine example. This T Touch Watch is made from pure

An Overview of Seiko Pilot’s Solar Alarm Chronograph Flightmaster SSC009P2 SSC009P SSC009 Mens Watch

Seiko has done much in introducing its legendary and innovations around the world. This Seiko Flightmaster Pilot’s Solar Alarm Chronograph SSC009P2 Mens Watch is the best Seiko watch for the fashion lovers. It’s fashionable, it’s trendy, it’s with the time and more it’s manly and masculine to suit your personality. This Seiko Alarm Chronograph Watch