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Orient Mako: A watch for every occassion

My affinity towards watches brought me across chiefly two distinct categories of people; first, the lot inclined completely towards esthetics and the second, towards functions and features. Seldom have I met them who know how to balance the two and not get led into an awkward situation. Wearing the Casio Protrek Tough Solar Triple Sensor

Grand Seiko: A perfect match to business suits?

This time I tell you about this guy who finally agreed to retire his Timex and look at slightly more expensive Jap makes. Provided he is into the corporate world, his options are limited. He’s one of those strictly-one people who are not willing to spend on two or more. He liked my Citizen chrono

Newsletter: Orient Bambino Domed Crystal Watch for only US$ 155!

    Only US$ 155. Click here for details. This week we have on promotion one of the nicest watches Orient has produced recently – the Bambino series ER24001B. Featuring a reliable and accurate Japanese Orient 21 Jewels automatic movement, 50m water resistance, a beautiful domed scratch resistant crystal and genuine leather strap, this watch is a

Forgotten beauties: Few that are still around

The starting of new workweeks always make my mind go off-scale. So watch-fantasies take a back seat too though it never stretched beyond a day so far. The mood improves with the day advancing towards midnight. This is when you feel drawn again towards stuff you seldom use but also never bothered to stop using

Newsletter: Blowout Sale on 50+ watches with huge discounts!

    The blowout sale for the month of July is here! We have 5% further reduction (on top of the heavily discounted prices) for select models while stocks last. We have some beautiful watches on sale this time that you just cannot miss! Enter code BSW25 in the “Comments/Instructions/Codes (Optional):” section while checking out for

Magic inside, bling outside

A man writing on women’s choice of watches? That’s enough to make readers think I’m writing for girls with a fascination for wearing men’s watches but no, the daddy’s girl (about whom I spoke earlier) has now started educating me on what a woman’s choice should be in this department. And that’s giving me the

Orient Watches: The perfect choice when budget is tight

Polished designs with useful functionality were always meant for the rich till Orient jumped in. While the lean aesthetics made them great choices for almost every occasion, the high-end technology ticking inside turned them into treasures that even a low budget can buy. Yes, that holds even for the nitpicker, particularly for the watches that

Watch collecting – An obsessive-compulsive disorder?

Firstly, it is important to understand that collecting is different from buying in gobs and that pretty much answers the question. Yet, there are hobbyists with tons of cash who like to lay hands on every watch available simply because they can. That is indulging. Being a true collector means being a discerning collector who

WATCH REVIEW SAMPLE: The Orient ER24002W Bambino

The Orient ER24002W Bambino is a stylish watch that truly reflects the heritage of Japanese precision at Orient watches. Yet another star in Orient’s line-up of affordable mechanical, the ER24002W continues Orient’s reputation for creating exciting watches that are easy on the pocket but high on quality and accuracy. Carefully crafted by Japanese watchmakers, the

Showcasing the Best in Japanese Watches

If you did a mental survey of the brands of watches people around you are wearing, chances are you will find most sporting one of the Japanese big three- Citizen, Seiko or Casio. If you asked them why, they’d probably attribute their choice to their reliability and affordability. Japanese watches are hard to beat on

Expensive isn’t always synonymous with good quality

So, after years of slaving, blood, sweat, tears, plus all other bodily excretions included, you finally bought your dream watch! Good for you! You wince in pain as you pay the sales person $ 15,000 (plus tax) for your luxury watch. You upload dozens of photos of your watch in every angle on Instagram with

Sides to luxury: The watch tale

A $50,000 worth of watch might seem a bit of an extravagant show-off, but watches costing this high are also works of art – exquisite mechanisms from talented craftsmen who gave gold and diamonds new form and functions. The springs, gears and tiny tools tell a fascinating story of delicacy, skill, and precision, but comprehending

Helping to choose your watch better

Watches bring a fascinating array of functionalities through carefully constructed complications, each unique in its own way. So you must know what means what in the watch market; else, you might cheat yourself off a good buy. 1. Audible Alarm – Alarm functions in expensive watches. They ring both by default and user-set patterns. A

Orient Mako Men’s Watch – Stylish And Classy

Traditional watch design is a combination of function and looks, and there are good reasons why classic designs are so highly regarded. The wrist watch has been through many different incarnations yet, it seems, each time someone tries something new, they eventually concede that the traditional look is the inspiration to follow. This particular watch,