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Newsletter: Singles’ Day Sale is now on!


Proud to be single? You bet. However, this year, be proud of pairing up with your favourite watch! It’s about being single but not about being single again! Carrying the university tradition into society doesn’t mean you can’t have something that you love. And the best part is, this pairing-up is not at all going

Gonzo and his grumblings – I

Better versions to some of the bests There’s nothing that probably beats the Swiss! That’s how the world goes. You can’t blame anyone for that. Bigotry has been a longstanding tradition among humans. Even watches were (and are) not spared! End result: You end up denying many other fantastic pieces equal to their European cousins.

Calibre 9S86 in something very elegant, robust and traditional

Whoever has known about Seiko’s earlier high-beat watches must also know a thing or two about the Calibre 9S85; its superior accuracy came with an enhanced resistance to external shocks. So, when Seiko stepped up a level introducing the Calibre 9S86, you can pretty well anticipate their glee! The difference this time was an incorporated

Newsletter : Cyber Monday Sale is on – Last Chance to Save up to 88% off on Watches!

This Cyber Monday, Creationwatches brings you offers that you can’t resist! On one hand, there is a 15% discount on selected 250 watches when you use the coupon code CMSALE, while on the other, we are making available the rest of the stock with an additional 8% on the regular slashed prices with the use

Why Grand Seiko mechanicals are honoured as timeless luxury? – Gonzo explains, Santo writes

[Part: III] So we return to the topic again. Gonzo went on about the 46 years of experience backing up Seiko’s production quartz watches. He started on the finer details a bit and was about to raise his praises about the greatness of the movements (his ‘hots’ for the 9F showed), when suddenly, there was

Why Grand Seiko mechanicals are honoured as timeless luxury? – Gonzo explains, Santo writes

[Part: II] “The GS magic doesn’t let you go wrong.” The last time we spoke about how accuracy surfaces as one of the deciding factors. We’ll today shift to a considerable chunk that earns its right to brag with owning the Grand Seiko solely by this factor. It is easy buying just any GS; at

Why Grand Seiko mechanicals are honoured as timeless luxury? – Gonzo explains, Santo writes

[Part: I] When it’s about picking out the single most inconsistent but truly luxury watch sub-brand, it’s the strong opinions that conclude the topic. While not entirely obsessed, I’m sure that Gonzo is fascinated with Grand Seiko. “ – Some among others will always hold a doubt on it equating the GS with Swiss and

Ask Gonzo ’bout watches – XXXI : Never tickle a ‘Seikopath’

Q. Hey Gonzo! I recently stumbled upon MAW and going through all your posts and answers to queries (I appreciate and sometimes…I’m impressed by the wit), I draw an entirely personal conclusion. I guess it’s high time you come up with a digest. That’s to say – Why isn’t there a recommendation for the best

Cost: From a vegan perspective

“Hamesha itnie kimti ghadiya kaheko lagaata?” – “Why do you put on such costly watches every time?” Things are not much different in India. Here, too, the craft of watch-making comes under siege at times. Stepping into the battleground thus created is a matter of choice; to defend it; plain, cold logic is enough. Their

Fit, finish, fervour – As close to flawless

The Spring Drive is not quite your usual thing. The seconds-hand is its giveaway; despite its relation with quartz, it makes small, multiple jumps, instead of one every second. It gives the Spring Drive a mechanical glide; completely smooth, totally silent. How does that go? Spring Drive, at its core, is mechanical every bit. There’s

December 2015: What makes for the most pleasurable gifts?

Welcome to the gift-giving season, once more and many of you might be apprehending another wallet burnout. But smart is he who knows how to shorten appropriately a long list of items or to procure the list with a leaner budget. This is when you must consider picking up a new timepiece or two, for