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Still ‘Hawk-ing around!

My interest towards the Skyhawk AT-s is deeper than the previously discussed Nighthawks. I like my watch complex and the Skyhawk aptly fits the bill. Citizen nailed the design and went on putting functions to it. The present ones have them on different levels, allowing control of the sportiness vs. class factors. The Skyhawk takes

Why go for the mechanicals when quartz is higher in accuracy?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to show automatic and hand-wind watches lesser than quartz. It’s a known fact quartz is superior when it comes to precision (or accuracy) but that’s not what wearing or owning watches is all about.  Mechanical watches have many other advantages and offers a different pleasure that surpasses 24/7

The ‘Hawk tale

Let me clear things right here. I’m not a pilot (and none in my close circuits is, bar one) so do not expect me tech-geeking all the way. It’s just a watch lover’s account on a great addition to the five Citizens I find oh-so-cool. Why? Because it’s easy to use, have great functionalities (yep,

Citizen Signatures: You won’t like another chrono

A casual wearer or buyer won’t know about these. The Citizen Signature Collection is the tool that promoted Citizen ECO-Drive to the classes formerly ruled by Cartier and Rolex. Not even the Campanola luxury line could invade that; it is solely the Signature Collection that has made luxury and craftsmanship available at a fraction of the price

Luxury and women: Features vs. facades

Certain people just love to take advantage of their position. It’s the same Swiss-maniac I’m pointing towards; now his trip is educating me on the perfect Swiss watch for women. Sure, learning doesn’t hurt, but do I really need to get on an extensive educational jaunt on something I shall be able lay my fingers

Percentages and personal preferences: Slide-rules trick’ntreats

 <= ETA With percentages, things are like unit conversions only. Say, 20% of $70. Align 10 (inner rule) with 80 (outer rule) (80% of $70) on the outer rule, making 70 (inner rule) line up with 56 (outer rule). So, final price is $56. Or, do it backwards. Say, you buy a $25 worth something

Aching to make others notice what’s on your wrist?

Frankly speaking, tensions, springs and gears are tough to handle on a daily basis unless you are a Sultan with a hundred people at your beck and call, serving for everything from breakfast to driving and beyond. That’s kinda unromantic too; for what becomes a norm, loses the associated romance. It’s the same with the

EYES opened: Fusion watches overdue since 2010

Eco-Drive, being just a light-powered quartz movement and not mechanical is not a Purist’s cuppa unless he has been fascinated by a watch’s design concepts and overall attention to detail. And that’s exactly what the watch-world was delighted about in 2013. The EYES showcase applications of traditional Japanese aesthetics of utilizing natural light and shadow

A Short review of the AT0797-01E

The AT0797-01E is an Eco-Drivechronograph from Citizen’s July 2009 collection. This one was Citizen’s first attempt towards incorporating more-than-one newly developed technologies that flaunted through enthralling timepieces. The first one is definitely Eco-Drive converting light into electrical energy; the other one is a high performance chronograph mechanism (59 minutes in 1/59 increments). It’s both hardy

Newsletter: Citizen Women’s 22 Diamonds Watch for only US$ 160!

22 Genuine Diamonds! Only US$ 165 with free shipping This week we have on promotion 2 Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive Diamond watches at a price that is unbelievable! The watches on promotion are perhaps one of the finest Eco-Drive Women’s watches Citizen has ever produced. They are the Citizen Diamond EG2550-59D and the Citizen Diamond EG2554-58D.

The perpetual-motion machine

Anyone looking towards buying a Citizen Eco-Drive with perpetual calendar shall be delighted with this 8700-calibre-housing, analog time computer. The perfectly round, silver-tone case and bezel are a true complement to the supple black leather faux-crocodile strap, making it an ideal piece to go with any formal setting from dinners to serious discussions to academic

Holla! Ze Campanola!

It’s either art or it’s not art; there’s nothing in between. This is one place that you can traverse without worrying on the gray pitfalls. But much to surprise, the Campanola defied this set norm and that too royally, kind of like that plump chick who’s not much on looks but cooks excellent food and

Gift your loved one a Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive Miramar Diamond Luxury Watch

If you have been looking for the ideal watch for the special woman in your life, then look no further. The Citizen Eco Womens Miramar Diamond Luxury Watch collection is the perfect balance between form and function, which is sure to please that special someone. Many watches that feature diamonds these days focus far too much

Newsletter: Citizen Black Ion Watch on Sale. Only US$ 115.

    Only US$ 115 with Free Worldwide Shipping This week we have a fantastic new watch model from Citizen on promotion. It is the Citizen Black Ion Metropolitan AW0015-08E. The design and finishing of this watch is truly urban – and hence the name metropolitan. With a black leather strap adoring a black ion plated body

Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph FB1112-13D Women’s Watch

There are many reasons that make a product a best seller (and perennial best sellers) but the reasons are tough to find upon immediate inspection. The Citizen Eco-Drive Chronograph FB1112-13D FB1112 Women’s Watch falls into this category but it is not entirely due to its beautiful, classy or stylish appearance; the functionalities are what make