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A diverse array of affordable Divers’!

“Being short-sighted is discriminating watches according to the size of your wallet. Get over it and climb down off your high horses.” Their mere looks are enough for you to draw a judgment about them being as ugly as hammered sin and that too, on a cardboard platter when it comes to picking your daily

Invicta gets the spotlight!

“Nothing should come between your watch and your real happiness. Let no fashion stigma and perceptions of ‘what a watch should look like’ pollute an extremely enjoyable experience. Remove the elements that are not the most important and valuable to you. Get set on your watch hunting spree. Go!” Most of us are in the

Invicta’s Hydromax: Compared to other big, huge, heavy Greek Hoplon shields of watches

The Hydromax, undoubtedly, is not for everyone but definitely gets attention when worn. It’s not like you’ll show some exceptional taste exhibiting a distinguished connoisseur palette; it is more like you will discover worry-free, timeless pleasures of owning a rock hard, tough-looking timepiece that’s also good with its job. Yes, they are big and heavy

The Pen-watch: Matching styles, matching lifestyles

Pens, especially fountain pens; and watches are intimately linked. Some of the watch manufacturers make both and matching hands to nibs or cases to caps – maybe even straps to clips – don’t seem that hard. All you need is just picking the style – vintage, classic, retro, contemporary or any other classifications on offer.

The Moot: Dive watches this time

A good thing about diver watches is you don’t have to try hard to point one out. They look their part; robust and totally unpretentious. At most, they’ll wear a dress appeal. Even if you are not actually putting them to work due to this, you’d still love to make them a part of your

Why wear a digital watch?

A word of advice from Gonzo: NEVER, EVER go for a digital watch unless: You got some real hots for the digital format. Some particular digital model tickles your fancy. You are into a very, very active lifestyle and inclined to the adventurous side of life. Digital watches are mostly sleek and sporty and meant

Diver watchdom revisited: No deterring. Not even for the undetermined!

Disclaimer: As someone who appreciates wearable aesthetech marvels, it would be unfair to hold opinions about watch models to be excellent, good or bad – unless technically, that is. About aesthetics, well; each person to his or her own, as long as it doesn’t transcend irritation; like digital pieces with business suits. Or, absolute dinner

Oris: Subtle, powerful, evolved.

Chances are that you never heard much about Oris. This Swiss brand of watches caught public eye by large with its Diver’s Sixty-Five. It played with vintage inspired themes and secured Oris’ position among serious divers’ watches. The lineup carried a large number of variations, each with a high aesthetic appeal. It’s considered to be one of the best diver’s watches in the world. Oris, today; is a brand that professional divers trust blindly.

Time and again, I fall in love with Seiko!

Time and again, I fall in love with Seiko!

Seiko never fails to surprise, which is another big reason why I have this undying fetish for the brand. Definitely, there are some which I don’t like at all but they are so miniscule in number that you can overlook them without any prejudice! So, when the limited-edition (1200 pieces), exclusive Seiko Prospex Super Runner

Newsletter: Popular Sold Out Watches – Now Back In Stock!!!

Popular Sold Out Watches – Now Back In Stock!!!

We get many questions about products that got sold out formerly and we keep constant watch on those desired and asked for. It fills up the void. We found many who missed out on previous models and appreciate the Back in Stock option as a means to get their hands on one. Back in Stock

Newsletter : Seiko Quartz Watches On Sale – Coupon Code Inside!!

Seiko Quartz Watches On Sale – Coupon Code Inside!!

Seiko has been the pioneer in the field of quartz technology and today, they are offered at incredibly affordable price ranges for which, the 10% discount on the regular price slashes is to be thanked. The collection of Seiko Quartz Watches on Sale here is versatile enough to travel from the boardroom meetings to the

Newsletter : Seiko Automatic SKX Series Diver’s Watches On Sale – Coupon Code Inside!!

Seiko Automatic SKX Series Diver’s Watches On Sale – Coupon Code Inside!!

This time, Creationwatches bring you something that’s far from being rare, historic, vintage or exquisite. These are absolute must haves for people who just love watches. The SKX series (SKX007J1, SKX007K1, SKX007K2, SKX009J1, SKX009K1, SKX009K2, SKX011J1) Divers make for awesome beater watches at a far more awesome price. These go to watches now come with

Newsletter : Introducing Ratio Free Diver Watches

Introducing Ratio Free Diver Watches

Are we excited? Yeas; definitely a bit! But nothing compared to what you are going to face with a Ratio watch atop your wrist! There’s no overwhelming budget to hold your spree down for owning a world class freediving watch that also doubles up as a fitting accessory for your cargos and denim jeans; but

Newsletter : Mother’s Day Sale: Up to 75% Off on Women’s Watches – Coupon code inside!!


Find a lifesaver in something that was formerly exclusive to men! They are not just about simple faced accuracy but also with complications; with mechanisms that exhibit additional capabilities. Timers, chronographs…even moon phases, for the latter is a sure fire way to grow your hair longer. We are giving an 8% additional discount on the