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It’s beater if you can’t grind it into dust

So where were we? Okay, I remember – Worthiness! Worthiness, IMHO, is 85% about keeping it up. That makes the watches on the wrists of fighting forces worldwide truly worthy. These can take abuse a lot; do a lot and no greater place for the beater to prove itself! A beater in a battlefield and

The Beater Watch means Built to Take an Abuse

A couple of days back, a query came from within the family circle. It was about the term beater watch; the questioner surely felt perplexed with the idea that he landed up with the wrong choice before he sent forth his question. It was a purchase from a brick-and-mortar watch retailer with few ill-informed staff

Pickin’ watches: Should you let your significant other choose?

Caring about what others think of – to a certain extent – is neither diffidence, nor naivety. It’s perfectly human, admit it or not. Extents; however, may vary and that draws the line between normalcy and diffidence and naivety. That’s the scene with almost everything – SUV-s, cell phones, clothes….even the weapons of choice. I

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G-Shock Frogman: Dive to worry-free wearing

Watch wearing habits and the name of Casio are no stranger to each other; most of us got Casio as their first high-school watch. The trend still continues; only the products got much better. The somewhat tough Casio digital watches emerged as the Casio G-Shock, symbolizing toughness rivaled by none! No other watch maker till

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W’atcha the type that suits you best?

Automatics or light-powered quartzes – well, let’s admit there are the best and the worst from the categories and auto- and mecaquartz, the categories in between; I hold appreciation for only the best. There’s enough bigotry in this world; let’s not add more to it. Every reasonable, logical and rational human approach towards 10 or

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