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The two-handed Freelancers L.E.: Raymond Wile watches that don’t compete for attention

In this post, we talk about another Raymond Weil movement; to be specific, about a particular caliber that found way into a couple of their limited edition Freelancer watches. No, not the tad industrial, perlage-rotored RW5200; we talk about that another day. They got pretty simple suffixes, unlike the general tendency of giving difficult names

The journey of the Valjoux 7750: To the 7753 and RW5000

Pre-talk It all started from the Valjoux 7750; an integrated cam-operated, automatic chronograph movement. Valjoux was a part of ETA before and the caliber 7750 they built is still a highly esteemed movement for its robustness and reliability; so much that the majority of mid-range mechanical chronograph watches in the market today keeps on using

Valentine’s Day: Last -minute suggestions (for the forgetful and not-so-forgetful)

Whether it’s a longstanding relationship or it’s been awhile dating or you are going to start one anew; spoil your man or woman of choice even after the V-Day is over. There is a vast range of watches – from the luxe to the hardcore practical because sometimes, a thing of need makes for the

Low-key, natural and neutral – Spoils you with dressing choices

Modern, minimalistic designs and high quality materials get together in these, fully reflecting long-lasting concepts offered for pieces more precious. The Orient heritage comes alive in the Contemporary. Praise it for its craftsmanship; its reliability, precision and timeless beauty. They are classic, they’re refined. Obtained through modern technology and technical standards! After all these years

A diverse array of affordable Divers’!

“Being short-sighted is discriminating watches according to the size of your wallet. Get over it and climb down off your high horses.” Their mere looks are enough for you to draw a judgment about them being as ugly as hammered sin and that too, on a cardboard platter when it comes to picking your daily

Entry-level Hamilton Classic unleashes the Spirit of Liberty

Life without liberty is misery, as Andrew Hamilton had put it while defending freedom of speech at House of Representatives, Pennsylvania. Andrew Hamilton owned the land on which factories were built and the watch company took his name. He is the lawyer who founded the city of Lancaster in Pennsylvania and imposed strict law and

Contemporary Maestro: Orient revisits the classic design

The Epson conglomerate finally took Orient in and it’s nice to see the brand succeeded in retaining its basic principles. These high-quality Japanese watches came for reasonable money and they still do; whether it’s an absolute novelty or an exotic piece been around for long. The novelties in question are the Maestro-s from the Contemporary

The middle-price point sensibilities

It’s interesting – entertaining too – choosing something substantial in a completely arbitrary manner, from a vast ocean of models covering the base of the watch market. Being selective here means having to leave something out; that means, you have to think a bit more carefully. What to leave out and what to include is

Watch-buying bewilderment: How to deal with it

 Is there anything called a stupid question? None, as far as I guess but well; some tend to get very close. “Why polished stainless steel shines in Sunlight?” – is a good example of a question nearing the stupidity border and there are several others lying dormant in some online forum or the other and

Citizen goes Bauhaus: A structured approach to formal watches

Bauhaus: The house of structure. This school of fine arts and designs’ working tenet was form following function. Anything unnecessary and superfluous got no place in the final product. Type: German styled architecture. Founder: Walter Gropius, 1918.   Existence: 1919 – 1933, Germany. Some watch design concepts were never meant to be the shy types. That kept

Something little different this Christmas

Merry Christmas, readers! May you wear that quality timepiece today and tag along a good writing instrument; they make great Christmas gifts – from another person or yourself – to get. Both are decorative, functional accessories you’ll own to time 2020 and write a better story altogether. They will also give your style a boost.

Watches that won’t threaten your male identity

We feel nice amidst beautiful things. We feel even better when they don’t cost as much. From that Swarovski Crystalline Ballpoint Pen to the Tissot T-Classic Everytime Medium – everything comes under this. Exclusive perfumes, with heavy, floral notes or a deep musk scent – your choices get very natural; which is, you go by

Of watch and pen

Enhancing luxury in time-telling made the watch a status symbol; it’s doing the same currently for writing instruments to an increasingly large crowd. But we who appreciate finery in time-telling also believe that as an essential part of writing! We shall love them for just being what they are. Learned gentlemen who tend to be

Invicta gets the spotlight!

“Nothing should come between your watch and your real happiness. Let no fashion stigma and perceptions of ‘what a watch should look like’ pollute an extremely enjoyable experience. Remove the elements that are not the most important and valuable to you. Get set on your watch hunting spree. Go!” Most of us are in the

Invicta’s Hydromax: Compared to other big, huge, heavy Greek Hoplon shields of watches

The Hydromax, undoubtedly, is not for everyone but definitely gets attention when worn. It’s not like you’ll show some exceptional taste exhibiting a distinguished connoisseur palette; it is more like you will discover worry-free, timeless pleasures of owning a rock hard, tough-looking timepiece that’s also good with its job. Yes, they are big and heavy