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Ask Gonzo ’bout Watches (XXXIX): Refreshing the Kinetic memory

Q. Dear Gonzo, After going through the Creationwatches blog and its posts on the Seiko Kinetic, something remains unclear. Why is it that you and your team stress so much upon the Kinetic Perpetual? Is it because you guys don’t sell the other Kinetic calibres or is it just a sheer lack of knowledge? However,

Newsletter : Singles’ Day Sale is now on!

Proud to be single? You bet. However, this year, be proud of pairing up with your favourite watch! It’s about being single but not about being single again! Carrying the university tradition into society doesn’t mean you can’t have something that you love. And the best part is, this pairing-up is not at all going

The Fossil Nate 1520 Ana-Digi: It’s all about making impressions

Very few watches are actually capable enough to draw attention from newbie-s and veterans alike; even if they do, you can’t expect them to be at a comfortable price range. Well, let’s say you couldn’t; for now, something sleek yet serious is ready to storm the stage. From the house of Fossil comes the very

Ask Gonzo ’bout Watches (XXXVIII) – A question ’bout bare minimums

Q. Dear Gonzo, I want my first watch to be a skeleton or with a semi-skeleton face and a sapphire glass would be too good. It must be a good fit for strict- and semi formal dressing, I’ll also try to avoid numbers on the dial (if possible) for a cluttered look is something I can’t

The smart-watch scuttlebutts

It’s a fashion show, you got a ticket to watch the catwalk and you came across a casual outfit you don’t mind giving your front two teeth for. Sadly, the model wasn’t wearing a watch. So, what do you choose if you want it to go with the outfit? Chunky or chic isn’t really an

Skagen Holst multifunction dress watches: Slim, light, comfortable!

When Gonzo joined the team, his romance for the mechanical automatic dress watches knew no bounds. It still doesn’t but well, his tendency to shun aside everything that’s not mechanical has given way to appreciation for watches (as a matter of fact, of everything in life) that deserve it. Now Gonzo too agrees that Quartz

Citizen Caliber F900: A bit more push over the edge

Part- II Let me finish this one off! I was quite astonished to see people still stuck in the past, considering GPS-watches good enough only for adjusting to a time-zone that you’ve selected manually. Nay, my friend; the F900 is tad brainier than that! It is able to update and shift to the time-zone that

Citizen Caliber F900: A bit more push over the edge

Part- I Folks, Let me apologise first about disappearing without a notice; about the long absence from the MAW blog. Life hasn’t been easy for the past few days and it reminded there are more things in the heaven and earth than watches alone. However, on the brighter side, this French leave allowed a comeback

Ask Gonzo ’bout watches – XXXVI

Q. Why, Gonzo; are you so hell bent on Jap luxury than Swiss? Seiko, to be specific! A. Because of my love for Jap luxury and that love has too many justified reasons borne out of many things present and in-sync with each other. I know I don’t owe you an apology for I know

Ask Gonzo ’bout watches – XXXV

Again, it’s Gonzo! Sorry guys, I mean no ‘j’ business, but this whole AGAW session gives our friend a trip that lasts for at least a few hours post answering buyer/reader queries. We enjoy his (sometimes) thoroughly interesting replies and (occasional) columns but not the trip he takes on us. The only way to keep

Orient Monarch: Sovereign, Serene, Sombre

Orient is of incredible value for the not-so-deep pockets. Their solid build quality and reliable, in-house workhorse movements – all moulded into pleasing designs, the Orient Monarch are hard to argue against. You got three choices here and they are picked more often from the shortlisted. Pointing to the direction of affordable and well-built, mechanical classics

Does Presage make for the perfect wedding watch?

Someone asked about how he should pick out the perfect watch for his wedding ensemble – not as the man in his own marriage ceremony but on his side. There’s a doubt that he wants to clear up. So, let’s break some misconceptions today. I have seen North and East Indian marriage ceremonies and I’ve witnessed

Ask Gonzo ’bout watches – XXXI : Never tickle a ‘Seikopath’

Q. Hey Gonzo! I recently stumbled upon MAW and going through all your posts and answers to queries (I appreciate and sometimes…I’m impressed by the wit), I draw an entirely personal conclusion. I guess it’s high time you come up with a digest. That’s to say – Why isn’t there a recommendation for the best

GPS Time Correction: Who does it best?

Each of the big three Japanese watch-giants (Citizen, Seiko & Casio) offers something or the other that directly connects to GPS satellites to make your perception of time as accurate as possible. They sync to the GPS signal to tell you the correct time. But, the way each of them work is different; are very