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Beyond normal watch-wearing: Kick-up some post-Apocalyptic fun

I don’t blame you if you think I’m a lazy bum, spending my entire day doing nothing but surfing for another timepiece and ranting here all that I collected elsewhere. But that must make you jealous – firstly, because I don’t have to worry about money; next, I’m the lord of my times. But then

Navihawk AT JY8035-04E: New design elements, few technical upgrades

Upon first glance, it was like – “Oh man! It’s definitely a great looking piece!”   Upon wearing, it was zealotry.   The 48mm of stainless steel under the black PVD (it’s sort of ion-plating; we’ll get to that later) has one helluva stealthy visuals (my only gripe is the Navihawk written on the case

Flieger talk

I love single malts. My Friday and Saturday evenings stay kind of drenched in it but the once drink and puke bunch have turned sober, so the fun also watered down a great deal. For example, if someone banged his wrist on the wall out of spree and broke his digital Casio, it was fun.

Watch-ing for occassions

Someone I know is marrying this winter. That’s only a couple of months before the wedding bell rings, so a lot of hurry and scurries make the scene. The spree is driving the family to grab at anything affordable and a lot of bad purchases are a part of it. Lest you too undergoing a

Seiko’s passion continues

The quartz watch started in the same year when Man, arguably, landed on the Moon. Whether you take that period favored by planetary conditions or ruled by the numbers, 1969 witnessed several conventional concepts give way to inspirations, some of which still stay put. Putting a crystal oscillator at the core for steadfast accuracy is

Newsletter : 70% Off Citizen Perpetual Calendar Watch. Only $199

Only US$ 199! While stocks last! This week we have a huge price drop on a great perpetual calendar watch from Citizen: The Citizen Perpetual Calendar Eco-Drive BL5290-59E. This watch normally retails for $650. And just for this week, its yours for only $199! That’s right, a huge 70% off the retail price! And with

Seiko Astron: Convenience, the Seiko Way

Everything is turning intelligent nowadays. I-things are plenty all around, from your phone and TV to your watch. This sparked the idea of Seiko Astron. It’s a watch that understands time. And the various time zones. The Seiko Astron is built to interpret time in totally precise manner, anywhere on the planet and while on

Still ‘Hawk-ing around!

My interest towards the Skyhawk AT-s is deeper than the previously discussed Nighthawks. I like my watch complex and the Skyhawk aptly fits the bill. Citizen nailed the design and went on putting functions to it. The present ones have them on different levels, allowing control of the sportiness vs. class factors. The Skyhawk takes

The ‘Hawk tale

Let me clear things right here. I’m not a pilot (and none in my close circuits is, bar one) so do not expect me tech-geeking all the way. It’s just a watch lover’s account on a great addition to the five Citizens I find oh-so-cool. Why? Because it’s easy to use, have great functionalities (yep,

Casio: The New Face of Luxury

It is a commendable effort from Casio though it hints somewhat towards the current trend of jumping on the luxury bandwagon, albeit the mid-tier ($4,000), slightly above the basic. That’s several steps up from the Edifice and a few more steps higher than the usual G Shock, but 30 years is a bit too long taken for the upgrade.

Slide rule didactics – Part II

<=Back We went off-track; nevertheless, it was a much required deviation. That’s the best way to get into oft-overlooked areas, which pro-s and enthusiasts would know of but not the casual wearer. Information always helps in refinement and getting better. I guess things did not start too early and there’s no instance of complaints whining

Watch collecting – An obsessive-compulsive disorder?

Firstly, it is important to understand that collecting is different from buying in gobs and that pretty much answers the question. Yet, there are hobbyists with tons of cash who like to lay hands on every watch available simply because they can. That is indulging. Being a true collector means being a discerning collector who

For perfectionists who love going places

Just think about it: An intelligent watch that doesn’t require any kind of human intervention for precise timekeeping.  This is an arena that makes the radio-signals look so last-year and ever since, the Jap giants Seiko and Citizen have locked horns, trying to get each other off and make the ground their own. So, who’s winning

AT4008-51E: One watch fits all

Ever since Eco-Drive made to the scene, Citizen is belting out new, innovative models relentlessly, almost every season. The bars have certainly risen as Citizen’s take on chronographs and multifunctional watches has embraced too some extremely innovative styles. So the looks versus functionalities debate has been put to rest (until at least some time) and

The perpetual-motion machine

Anyone looking towards buying a Citizen Eco-Drive with perpetual calendar shall be delighted with this 8700-calibre-housing, analog time computer. The perfectly round, silver-tone case and bezel are a true complement to the supple black leather faux-crocodile strap, making it an ideal piece to go with any formal setting from dinners to serious discussions to academic