Q. Dear Gonzo, I have been following your column and I found my interest on watches growing leaps and bounds; it’s been quite a while. I have accumulated a small collection of – not watches, as you might think – names from which, I’m going to pick just two. One I definitely wish to be

Top 10 Diesel Watches to buy in 2022 – 10 Haut!

Introduction With 2022 approaching fast, it’s time for everyone to toss old, restrictive memories and mindsets down the drain; to clear the ways for bright, bold, brand new ideas to pour in. This applies to even altering or improving something or the other about your personal dressing and accessorizing styles; the difference you’ll find here


Q. Dear Gonzo, Lest it comes as a shock to you, I’d like to declare right away – I’m not actually interested in watches and neither trying to put a guise; nor posing an instance of an intellectual inquiry about watches with something else in hiding. What I’m actually asking is obvious; whether rhetorical or

Tissot T-Classic Powermatic: For them about to get dressed

VARYING OPINIONS: TOWARD ONE REALITY Staying aloof safely from both the extremes, the best way to portray Tissot is – they are mid-range watches that are priced lower than premium Swiss brands like JLC, Lange or Longines – even Rolex or Omega – but higher than ordinary fashion brands that try to copy the Swiss

Hamilton American Classic Pan Europ Automatic:  Full of quirky charm

Pan-Europ: In memory of the integration Between 1964 and 1977, there occurred some phenomenal shifts. These 13 years radiated a different charm; way different than what the society then – as a whole –considered cool. Iconoclasts deeply immersed in hedonism then were most often pretty talented souls exhibiting creative genius. Some preferred music as the

Top 20 Seiko Watches to buy in 2022

Preliminaries A good day to you, readers! Today I correspond with you about the subject of Seiko again the past times alike; still, on a different note. That, however; doesn’t imply the total avoidance of the “Why Seiko?” question. There’s always a chance that someone new might drop in. It is in honor of the

Buying a watch? Here are 5 things you should remember!

Preferences: The way they go It’s a widely known fact that women – almost all – are more inclined towards watches as being just another good looking dress accessory that also shows time. They tend to care most about the look of a watch, for it to become an effective add-on to their respective appearances,

GONZO’S POSTBAG (XLIII): Christmas Gift Ideas for Women 2021

Gift ideas for women

Q1. Dear Gonzo, I am here again seeking recommendations. Still a newbie, I seek advice and wisdom in this vast world of horology; you are one among the few who greatly help me nurture my passion for watches I developed over the past couple of years. Just recently, the Lord’s graces showered bringing upon a

From Black Friday to Christmas: Prepare for the 30 days of fantastic fun!

Do you feel the winter chill? It’s that part of the year that gives you the goosebumps; in anticipation; in expectation, in excitement – of deals that let you save as much as you’ll spend. End result: Ending up with more number of purchases without exceeding your budget! The Black Friday deals are our biggest

GONZO’S POSTBAG (XLII): Christmas Gift Ideas for Men 2021

Q1. Hello Gonzo! The reason I write to you is simple. Christmas is near and besides the other couple of gifts I’ve got for my grandson (who is about to enter his corporate, professional life), I am looking for a watch that will make him very proud wearing it now and in the coming days.

Do automobile-endorsed watches really mean anything?

Objectives pursued by automakers endorsing certain brands or even releasing watches under their own brand are very different and unique to each. Their only common interest, however; is – and had always been – brand advertising. For the love of machines A watch lover would most certainly have an itch for automobiles somewhere dug deep

Is Morellato a good brand to choose for regular wear?

Morellato: Symbolic, emotional significations Trust that you could’ve easily made a decision with a simple “Yes” or “No” from our side, but we insist upon a detailed study about the brand and its product range first. Find out about Morellato’s roots, accomplishments and further goals and then decide yourself if Morellato is really worth your

Must-grabs this Week! Tissot, Seiko, Citizen, Invicta and Scuderia Ferrari brings excellent gift ideas for thrill-loving men and women

Watch gifting basics Not every watch gifted needs to be the Breguet No. 160 Grand Complication from the Swedish count Axel von Fersen the Younger to Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France (wife of Louis XVI). Or – the Ladies Oyster Datejust from John Meyer to Jessica Simpson! Only to remember while gifting a nice watch is the other

Top offers on Luxury watches: Swiss Watch Week and More…

  Status symbols vs. Novelties for those in the know Luxury never goes out of fashion. Neither do the luxury products. That’s the reason you might arrive in a 1940’s Rolls Royce to a banquet where everyone else gathered in their most recent tech-laden sports cars or family sedans. Luxury is not about utility. It’s true