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Gifting a watch? – Learn the basics!

Here’s a thought for old gentleman willing to get their grandsons a Christmas gift. Or graduation gifts, or simply a gift! Among old-timers, this meant (and still, in some cases – means) something. To be fair, the younger generation too desire a good one; just bit scared to put down the money (surprisingly, this is […]

Gadget watches – Is the term interchangeable with Sports?

Certainly, it’s not my cup of tea; I’m just giving in to the pressure these blokes are creating. Digital or gadget watches are never my subject though it didn’t stop me from owning a few I really, really like. But here the team wants my two-cents on purely digital watches and I know why suddenly […]

Buying for your Lady? Watch a few points

You might be anticipating another weird brainwave forced down your throat to be followed…no, it’s not anything like that. Rather, this time, I’m again tempted to see and understand the way fairer sex infers it, although I’m not entitled to do it. Why, you ask and the simple answer is I love being honest, which […]

Gonzo guzzles the Tissot Tradition

For long I’ve overlooked some watches that are nice indeed. Call it narrowness or plain laze towards finding another way to self-surprise, it seems I kept myself off from a classic piece which should’ve made into my little collection more than a while back. Recently I’d been into a debate session that ended in a […]

Tissot T-Sport PRS 516 Extreme Automatic: A lot of punch for the price you pay

Last year’s (2013) releases from Tissot had one extreme model. Whether that moves you emotionally is least of my concern; I’ve seen too many extreme labels come and go. It’s overused! Many such extreme watches would turn into a pulp if taken under real extreme conditions; they are, however, enough to withstand urban extremes. Things […]

ASK Gonzo about watches – XVIII

Does Gonzo approve battery-quartz? Q. Hi Gonzo! I recently found out about the Casio quartzes that look like heroes and gunmen. I’m quite a bit in love with a comparatively newer intros from the junior-most Jap-giant but I’m afraid you’ll turnip your nose away from it. Yes, it’s not solar so battery changes are pretty much […]