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Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Analog Digital:  A different kind of a Smart watch

Anadigi-s are aplenty in the watch market and Tissot too has something to offer in that realm. Swiss or Japanese, there are numerous models to choose from but then again, we compare those models keeping Tissot out. The T-Touch Solar Expert anadigi is a kind of its own. It happened because Tissot didn’t rest on

Seiko SNKK  – The jack of all trades watch

The Seiko SNKK all throughout, has been an oft-overlooked Seiko 5. It’s quite tough grasping the legacy unless you know the Seiko 5 history. The completely clueless can read it from official Seiko 5 website later on; for now, you are in a discussion about a performance, reliability and lasting of a better standard than

A Monster with Pro-Specs

The Monster returns shedding the old skin and with new innards. It got a facelift done too! In a word, it’s more socially acceptable this time and doesn’t need you to dress up as a muscleman every time. There’s nothing more that you could write about the Monster. Years of user experiences have narrated it

Skagen Holst multifunction dress watches: Slim, light, comfortable!

When Gonzo joined the team, his romance for the mechanical automatic dress watches knew no bounds. It still doesn’t but well, his tendency to shun aside everything that’s not mechanical has given way to appreciation for watches (as a matter of fact, of everything in life) that deserve it. Now Gonzo too agrees that Quartz

Calibre VK63: Classic know-how partners modern designs

The whole CW team turned very enthusiastic when this new calibre VK63 flew in with the new lot. We’ve heard bits and pieces ‘bout its novelty, energy-efficient, modular construction, but so far didn’t see how it manifests itself. IMHO, it manifests damn well. Inspired by 70’s sporty style, Seiko gives it a slight, modern twist

Casio G-Shock Frogman GWF-D1000: Ultimate Tool becomes Urban Sensation

Casio into diving? That’s true folks and I’m not afraid to call it the best of all digital diver-s that have hit the market till now! Maybe Gonzo would think otherwise but hey! Diving, to me is an outdoor sport altogether and in my humble opinion, the G-Shocks so far – despite being made every

CONSTELLATION: For the starry cluster

Astronomy says constellation is a term that refers singularly to a cluster of stars. They move around the space quite consistently and therefore, their movements are predictable. So Omega thought of naming their range of luxurious ladies’ chronometers accordingly and it’s also true that the name Constellation has been used previously by the brand to

Citizen Caliber F900: A bit more push over the edge

Part- I Folks, Let me apologise first about disappearing without a notice; about the long absence from the MAW blog. Life hasn’t been easy for the past few days and it reminded there are more things in the heaven and earth than watches alone. However, on the brighter side, this French leave allowed a comeback

Mt. Fuji is now a World Heritage Site! Seiko pays their tribute

Moral of the story: Get into the heritage diver scene without breaking the bank. This stylish, well-built automatic with sporty vintage looks is a great way to go. There’s a common point I share with Gonzo. We both love Seiko-s, though not all the models. Gonzo’s preferences run towards the classier kind while mine is

Why Grand Seiko mechanicals are honoured as timeless luxury? – Gonzo explains, Santo writes

[Part: III] So we return to the topic again. Gonzo went on about the 46 years of experience backing up Seiko’s production quartz watches. He started on the finer details a bit and was about to raise his praises about the greatness of the movements (his ‘hots’ for the 9F showed), when suddenly, there was

Why Grand Seiko mechanicals are honoured as timeless luxury? – Gonzo explains, Santo writes

[Part: II] “The GS magic doesn’t let you go wrong.” The last time we spoke about how accuracy surfaces as one of the deciding factors. We’ll today shift to a considerable chunk that earns its right to brag with owning the Grand Seiko solely by this factor. It is easy buying just any GS; at

Orient Monarch: Sovereign, Serene, Sombre

Orient is of incredible value for the not-so-deep pockets. Their solid build quality and reliable, in-house workhorse movements – all moulded into pleasing designs, the Orient Monarch are hard to argue against. You got three choices here and they are picked more often from the shortlisted. Pointing to the direction of affordable and well-built, mechanical classics

Does Presage make for the perfect wedding watch?

Someone asked about how he should pick out the perfect watch for his wedding ensemble – not as the man in his own marriage ceremony but on his side. There’s a doubt that he wants to clear up. So, let’s break some misconceptions today. I have seen North and East Indian marriage ceremonies and I’ve witnessed


Why the Jazzmaster, again? Haven’t there been some extensive discussions on the series previously? Sure, but not on this particular model, which is – let’s just call it incredible! No; not because of the latest innovations in watch-making finding their way into it. It is for the improvisations this time on the proven design of