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Seiko Automatic Diver SKX007K1 – the perfect watch for men

There’s something undoubtedly (and truly) fascinating about the Seiko Automatic Diver SKX007K1 that cannot be explained by mere words (for example, a work of art or an equally vague expression); perhaps the wedlock between economy and performance comes closest but even not that much. But duende is never meant to be explained fully; its truest

Casio G-Shock G-1200G-1A – One of the Best Value Watches by Casio

The G-Shock G-1200G-1A is one of the best value multifunction watches that Casio has to offer. One of the most popular diving watches on the market, the G-1200G-1A features the Tough Solar technology made popular by Casio as a patented battery charging system used in the G-Shock line of watches. This technology allows the watch

Perfect watch for Men – Seiko Prospex SBBN017 Marine Master

To the casual watch-wearer, Seiko is just one brand of high-quality watches but those who spent some time winding crowns will take pleasure embracing its higher-end sub-brands, not all of which are readily available always. The Prospex (Marinemaster) comes under this category second only to the Grand Seiko, and way ahead the Seiko 5 models.

Luxury Wrist Watch: Not Just For Telling Time

Telling time is not the only reason why the affluent few buy luxury wrist watches. Is it because of the craftsmanship and high quality that is synonymous with the luxury watch brands? Yes, and more. A garish symbol of one’s wealth Aside from all the other luxurious items that can make one sing Welcome to

Expensive isn’t always synonymous with good quality

So, after years of slaving, blood, sweat, tears, plus all other bodily excretions included, you finally bought your dream watch! Good for you! You wince in pain as you pay the sales person $ 15,000 (plus tax) for your luxury watch. You upload dozens of photos of your watch in every angle on Instagram with