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Presage Cocktail Time: First step to the Grand Seiko

Some seven years back, Seiko thought about creating something different from the sports divers that’s equally extraordinary and would give them a different identity while sticking to the same price range. The result was a series of mechanical watches that embodied the glamour of the cocktail bars. The sad part is, Seiko made them available

Why Grand Seiko mechanicals are honoured as timeless luxury? – Gonzo explains, Santo writes

[Part: III] So we return to the topic again. Gonzo went on about the 46 years of experience backing up Seiko’s production quartz watches. He started on the finer details a bit and was about to raise his praises about the greatness of the movements (his ‘hots’ for the 9F showed), when suddenly, there was

Why Grand Seiko mechanicals are honoured as timeless luxury? – Gonzo explains, Santo writes

[Part: II] “The GS magic doesn’t let you go wrong.” The last time we spoke about how accuracy surfaces as one of the deciding factors. We’ll today shift to a considerable chunk that earns its right to brag with owning the Grand Seiko solely by this factor. It is easy buying just any GS; at

Why Grand Seiko mechanicals are honoured as timeless luxury? – Gonzo explains, Santo writes

[Part: I] When it’s about picking out the single most inconsistent but truly luxury watch sub-brand, it’s the strong opinions that conclude the topic. While not entirely obsessed, I’m sure that Gonzo is fascinated with Grand Seiko. “ – Some among others will always hold a doubt on it equating the GS with Swiss and

The Grand Seiko – Not just an expensive timekeeper

I’m not sure how many of you got into the Caliber 9F. As for me, I didn’t feel an urge for the same till this friend of mine got down one GS last week. Last Sunday, I borrowed the manual for him out of curiosity and to my surprise, I found out it’s the limited

Grand Seiko: A perfect match to business suits?

This time I tell you about this guy who finally agreed to retire his Timex and look at slightly more expensive Jap makes. Provided he is into the corporate world, his options are limited. He’s one of those strictly-one people who are not willing to spend on two or more. He liked my Citizen chrono

An Overview of Grand Seiko Spring Drive SBGA025 Watch

Feel the beauty of Grand Seiko watch with this glowing white model. It is Grand Seiko Spring Drive SBGA025 Watch. The World class collection from Seiko i.e. Grand Seiko is presenting this watch having a Spring Drive. Time is something which moves along with every human and never stops. And Seiko Spring Drive is the

Seiko SARB – The first step to the ‘Grand’ series

Someone’s comment on the Alpinist (SARB017) got me onto this post. First thing is it is an excellent line to go for if you are looking prestige and perfection without the Swiss made markup. But as the rule of thumb, let’s mention that unlike Rolex or other luxury watches around, the SARB is only for

Tick-Talk: Seiko Watches in Movies


Not many objects can eclipse us flesh-and-bone humans and attain stardom in public memory; much less secure a place in history. Those that did became famous; sometimes even overshadowing the human/non-human character they associated with. We gather around here to speak about a few such iconic movie gears. We gather around here to speak about watches that made it big on the silver screen.

Top 20 Seiko Watches to buy in 2022

Preliminaries A good day to you, readers! Today I correspond with you about the subject of Seiko again the past times alike; still, on a different note. That, however; doesn’t imply the total avoidance of the “Why Seiko?” question. There’s always a chance that someone new might drop in. It is in honor of the

Must-grabs this Week! Tissot, Seiko, Citizen, Invicta and Scuderia Ferrari brings excellent gift ideas for thrill-loving men and women

Watch gifting basics Not every watch gifted needs to be the Breguet No. 160 Grand Complication from the Swedish count Axel von Fersen the Younger to Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France (wife of Louis XVI). Or – the Ladies Oyster Datejust from John Meyer to Jessica Simpson! Only to remember while gifting a nice watch is the other