Tissot T-Sport Gent XL Classic T1164101605700 Quartz Men’s Watch – The Mercedes amongst watches!

It took my breath away!

I was standing in front of a watch store waiting for the rains to stop before crossing the road to the office on the opposite side of the street. Naturally, as I waited, I eye balled the watches on display. Right in the centre was this awesome Tissot T-Sport Gent XL Classic T1164101605700 Quartz Men’s Watch.

It was simple and plain looking and yet somehow, managed to extrude sheer elegance and power – like a model standing tall, wearing simple clothing and yet, mind-blowing and beautiful.

The watch was large; at least 4 cm across but not chunky. Standing more than a meter away from it, I could read the time as if the watch on my wrist. It had a stainless-steel case, a black dial, large Arabic numerals and these beautifully large but elegant minute and hour hands. I’d give Tissot 10/10 for sheer elegance in understated beauty.


The watch reminded me of my uncle in the village who, a few years ago said he would come to pick me up at the railway station. Just so I knew which car to approach, I asked what he would be driving and he said “oh a nondescript Mercedes”. I couldn’t help smiling as I remembered that that day – my uncle in a luxury car he described as “nondescript”. The Tissot T-Sport Gent XL Classic T1164101605700 Quartz Men’s Watch was something like that – sheer luxury in understated elegance.

I went into the shop to have a closer look at the timepiece. Apart from the time, it also displayed the date. The date window was neatly located in the traditional 3’Oclock position. The hour and minute hands were heavily luminesced – guaranteeing that they would shine like comets in a dark sky.

I asked the salesman if I could look at the watch and he promptly gave it to me. Wearing the watch, I remember my nephew who would have said, “that looks so oooohsome”. At Rs 19,000+, the price tag was pretty awesome too. But then, this was Tissot – arguably, the Mercedes amongst watches. The salesman said, “Sir, it has a Swiss made Quartz movement – not those cheap Chinese things. ETA F06.11 calibre, 100-meter water-proof” he went on reeling the features. Clearly, this man loved his job. But I had no argument with him – clearly, the watch was fabulous inside and out.

The Tissot T-Sport Gent XL Classic T1164101605700 Quartz Men’s Watch was endowed with a soft, pure leather black belt with a buckle clasp. The entire package looked ultra-rich. Hey, it was a Tissot after all – the Mercedes amongst watches.

I did not buy it from the shop. Instead, I bought it from a website called creation watches and at a hefty discount too. Just because I’m buying a high-end watch does not mean I will not seek a discount umm? The website url is https://www.creationwatches.com/products/tissot-mens-watches-344/tissot-t-sport-gent-xl-classic-t116-410-16-057-00-t1164101605700-quartz-mens-watch-16486.html

Hope you liked this blog. Cheers and have an awesome day.