Tissot Chronograph Watches

Tissot Watches are the leader in Watch Industry. These are not only functional timepieces but also highly stylish. Many celebrities appreciate this brand across the globe. Tissot produce large variety of sports watches as well. All the timepieces of this brand are come in excellent quality at reasonable prices. The company was founded in 1853. The Tissot Watches have many collections which come with different movements like quartz movement, mechanical movement, and Automatic Movement with some complications like chronograph.

Tissot Veloci-T Chronograph Mens Watch
Tissot Veloci-T Chronograph Mens Watch

Chronograph Watches have two independent time systems from which one indicates the time of day and the other measures brief intervals of time. The chronograph watches are having subdials, or counters which show all these measurements. Subdials of these watches may register seconds, minutes and hours. It Starts and stops at the press of a button which is called stopwatch function.

Some of the Tissot Chronograph Watches have the feature of Tachymeter on the bezel. Tachymeter is a distance scale displays on the bezel of the watch. It could be inside the rim, or dial as well. It allows the wearer to measure speed in miles or kilometres per hour.

Tissot has represented the tradition and innovation since 1853. It is associated with Swiss watch making. The watchmakers and the engineers of Tissot Watches have developed exclusive timepieces over the passage of time. The Tissot Chronograph watches have everything one could ask for. These timepieces come in either a stainless steel bracelet or a rubber strap for sporty look.