Review of Casio Protrek Tough Solar Triple Sensor Atomic PRW-6000Y-1D Watch

Casio produces first class watches throughout the world. Introducing the Latest addition to the PRO-TREK lineup featuring an analog-digital display and Triple Sensor technology. When it comes to watches that will stand up to just about anything you can throw at it, there’s one lineup that’s probably at the top of just about everyone’s list–the Casio Protrek. The Casio Protrek PRW-6000Y-1D is brand new to the collection. These watches have proven themselves over time, and have an enthusiastic worldwide following. They offer a variety of styles, all with full complements of functionality; we’ve most commonly seen these in the digital displays. However, we see an analog-digital display paired to a day-glow Black/ orange case with a compass. In addition to its fast & precise sensors for taking bearing, altitude, and barometric pressure readings, it’s also capable of alerting the wearer of significant changes in barometric pressure by an alarm and a unique indicator on the digital display.

An auto hand shift feature momentarily moves hands away of the digital window when you check displayed readings; this makes them easier to read during certain time in the day when the hands would be covering the digital display. Other features include dual LED illumination of the face and digital display, Smart Access, Tough Solar, radio-controlled timekeeping and more. Everything about this watch is designed and engineered to make it the ultimate in ease of operation and reliability. All this multi-functionality is packed into a slim profile 12.8 mm case. The Casio Pro-trek Tough Solar Triple Sensor Atomic PRW-6000Y-1D Men’s Watch also has a carbon insert band for outstanding durability and long life. PRW6000Y-1D is analog-digital watch with black band and white/orange accents on the face. Water resistant watches are rated based on a laboratory pressure test comparable to a swimmer sitting still under water at a certain depth. This watch is having 100mm Water resistance and this high level of water resistance watch allow a person to work around household sinks, play sports, swim, dive or snorkel. But wait–there’s more! For those more outdoors-oriented, you pick up a digital compass function (yup), 200m WR, the ability for the watch to remember your bearing, and a 1/20th second stopwatch (up to two hours). Or, if you’re planning to do some world traveling instead, this watch has covered that as well, with a world time function (covering 29 cities plus UTC) and a daily alarm function. Regardless of which camp you’re in (or perhaps both–on a backpacking trip to Europe?), you’ve got luminous hands, and auto-on LED illumination on the dial.