Review of Casio G-Shock Crocodile Skin Look DW-6900CR-7 Men’s Watch

Casio G-Shock Crocodile Skin Look DW-6900CR-7 Men's Watch
Casio G-Shock Crocodile Skin Look DW-6900CR-7 Men’s Watch


Casio is a one of the best watch maker company in the industry. Now the Casio watches are famous for their quality in all over. A Casio watch has being high quality or more fashionable watches. The Casio Company has invented several types of watches for the men’s and women’s. And one of the best Casio watches that invented by Casio Company is Casio G-Shock Crocodile Skin Look DW-6900CR-7. This Casio watches are specially designs for the men’s. Those peoples who are really interested in watches, Casio are the most preferable company. Casio watches are always remains in the top position, because of their multiple functions. Now the Casio Company has established one of the most beautiful and attractive watch is Casio Look DW-6900CR-7 Men’s Watches.

This Casio watch holds some of the features that help to make the watch more beautiful and more attractive. That attracts the peoples towards it. This Casio men’s watch has Resin Band. And the case and bezel of the watch is also made form Resin material. It has Electro-Luminescent Backlight. And it also have Flash Alert in the watch. It also considers the 1/100-Second Stopwatch in the watch. It has Multi-Function Alarm in it. One of the special features of the watch is that it have Hourly Time Signal. And also have Full Auto-Calendar. This Auto-Calendar used to see the date, month and the year. The watch also have a feature of Regular Timekeeping. And the most important thing in the watch that the water Resistance of the Casio DW-6900CR-7 Men’s Watch is 200m. And the size of the case is 53.2 × 50 × 16.3 mm.