Overview Of Orient Star Elegant Classic Automatic Power Reserve SEL09001W EL09001W Men’s Watch

Orient Star is Orient’s exclusive luxury line. The new ORIENT STAR Elegant Classic is an exquisite model that has pursued a modern refined classic style for adults who enjoy an original lifestyle based on their experience and values. The Orient Star Classic combines a few things we really love, staying true to the vintage inspirations of the watch. So if you’re looking for something vintage-y, small, a bit formal, and affordable, the Orient Star Classic might be the way to go.

The Orient Star Elegant Classic Automatic Power Reserve SEL09001W EL09001W Men’s Watch from the Elegant Classic-line has every reason to bear the Star name. This watch is a true dressy classic with a typical Orient twist. The dial has several elements and textures to create stylish dial with enough going on, without being busy. It features everything you may wish for.

The Dial and hands of the Classic are exceptionally well executed and styled. Though the vintage theme is familiar, the overall look feels a bit unique given interesting details. To start, the dial is a Cream White that interacts with light in dramatic and beautiful ways. The color is very light, hence why it could be described as white. Adding to the effect is the fact that the case is toned by Rose Gold Stainless Steel with a Dark Brown Leather Strap and a complementing Blue Hands. Altogether, it creates a very dynamic backdrop for the indexes and hands as well as a higher perceived value than the actual watch’s cost.

Perhaps the most standout feature of the case is actually the crystal. The Sapphire Crystal of the Classic is very eye-catching. Typically, a heavy domed 22 Jewels of a watch this price would be acrylic, and by making it Sapphire they did create a somewhat more durable piece, as it is scratch resistant. The Classic also features an exhibition case back that shows off the somewhat decorated 40N52 movement, especially when the movement offers some level of decoration. It increases both the charm and value of the piece. Aside from the looks, the power reserve is a very practical complication we’re always glad to see. The Automatic Self-Winding And Hand-Winding Movement makes it must need watch with Roman Numerals and Date Indicator feature.

The Orient is hard to beat. The 40N52 22-jewel automatic in the Classic is no exception. The result is the perfect classical watch model for adult men who are oriented towards authenticity.