Overview of Orient M-Force Automatic Titanium SDV01003B DV01003B Men’s Watch


As we know that Orient has provide us many wonderful watches for both Men’s and Women’s. And Orient Company always tries to provide us several amazing as well attractive watches that satisfy us. And they produce the watches by keeping in mind all the requirements of the people. And know Orient Company has introduced one of the most beautiful and attractive watch for Men’s. And it is named as Orient M-Force Automatic Titanium SDV01003B Men’s Watch. It is specially getting designed for Men’s.

Orient M-Force Automatic Titanium SDV01003B DV01003B Men's Watch
Orient M-Force Automatic Titanium SDV01003B DV01003B Men’s Watch

This is a big watch and it’s made of titanium and stainless steel as stated on its case back. The new ORIENT M-FORCE 200m – Titanium Men’s Watch features ISO-standard water resistance to 200 meters for use in scuba diving and shock absorption enabled by a special structure. The use of very light titanium for the sturdy 47mm case and bracelet has dramatically enhanced its wear ability. Titanium is highly resistant to corrosion especially in seawater, making it a material that is particularly suited to diver’s watches. For the bezel, which is susceptible to external shocks, stainless steel, which has greater scratch resistance than titanium has, is used, finishing with a voluminous design. The use of different materials for the case and bezel has produced an authentic diver’s watch that is both lightweight and strong. While it is an authentic diver’s watch, the M-FORCE also features superb design and high functionality, making it ideal for daily use, too.

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