An Overview Of Orient Classic Automatic CER1P004B Men’s Watch

Orient Classic Automatic CER1P004B Men's Watch
Orient Classic Automatic CER1P004B Men’s Watch


This CER1P004B men’s watch is from the collection of Orient Watches. In Orient Watches we can see the one of the best formal and official looking watches. Since 1950, the company Orient was founded. Orient is a one of the most beneficial and leading watch manufacturing companies.

Orient Watch has always been focused on making the best mechanical watches. Mechanical watches are more reliable and authentic. A mechanical watch is also famous to another name as automatic or self winding watch. The orient watches are manufactures in Japan. An automatic Watch is operates through the continued motion of wearer’s wrist. In automatic watch it has a half disc metal called a rotor; the energy is stored in a rotor that spins when the arm is moved. The automatic watch is running for 24 to 48 hours. The advantage of the automatic watch is that they never require and need to change and replace the battery. Another advantage of the automatic wristwatch is that it doesn’t need winding if worn daily.

The case and bracelet is used in this Orient Automatic watch is stainless steel. The dial color of the CER1P004B orient automatic men’s watch is black. You can wear this orient CER1P004B automatic men’s watch not only in any occasion but also in a daily purpose. On the face of this automatic men’s watch the sapphire crystal glass is mounted. Using the sapphire crystal glass you can protect our watch from dust and moisture.