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Sector Watches: Lets you challenge your own abilities

It’s been nearly five long decades that Sector No Limits was launched. It was in 1973.

Sector Sport Watches were tools of choice for athletes during the eighties and nineties who trusted their performances with them. Many important and unforgettable performance records were built with their aid and these magic combinations of pure technology with Italian design entered public imagination in almost no time. Sector No Limits has become synonymous to ‘technical quality’ and ‘sporting performance’ ever since daring men decided upon defying their capabilities and aspire towards stretching their own functional limits. And their functional zones are not always athletic.

Sector makes watches for men, women and also unisex watches to be worn by both in analog and digital formats. There are five major collections all Sector watches fall under: Racing, Marine, Mountain, Urban and Contemporary. Take a quick glimpse of the different series they all come under.

1. Chronographs:

i.       Analog: Series 180, 230, 240, 245, 270, 280, 450, 550, SGE 650, 670, 695, 770, 850, 950, 960, ADV2500; Diving Team, Master and Save the Ocean.

ii.      Digital: Street Fashion,

2.    Ana/Digi: EX-33, EX-99, Master

3.    Analog 3-Handers:  230, Save the Ocean, 450, 270, 370, 660, EX 33, 665, Speed, 240, 245, 120, 180, 960, 955, 890, Master.

4.    Smart watch: S-01 , S-02, S03

5.    Digital: EX-35, EX-37, EX-36, EX-31, EX-30, EX-29, EX-26, EX-25, EX-10, EX-04, EX-17, EX-28, EX 33, EX 21K, EX-01, EX-16, EX-05, EX-23, EX-99, EX-77, FIT, EX-13, EX-06, STREET FASHION, EX-32, OUTDOOR, EX-12

6.    Automatic: ADV2500, 650, 450, 960

7.    Multifunction: 120, 240, 245, 270, 370, 670, 550, 450, 240, 230, 660, 665, EX 33, Speed, 770, 850.

Sector continues offering their supports to athletes, representing a true style of living for the bunch that‘s always up for new challenges and love to live amidst the Nature – be it through the Sector Automatic Watch or the Sector Digital Watch. Be it women’s dressy Sector watches or athletic Sector Men's watches you’ll find them all here in the Sector Watches for Sale. These Online Sector Watches also comprise the special series like the Sector EXPANDER, Sector Save the ocean Watches, Sector Diving Team Watches and the Sector De Gayardon Watches, the last one created in honor of Patrick de Gayardon (skydiver and sky-surfer). Shop Sector Online Watches especially if you are into extreme sports and believe in the ideology of limitlessness of human capabilities.

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