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Nós temos milhares de clientes muito satisfeitos de muitos países: Austrália, Áustria, Argentina, Bélgica, Brasil, Canadá, China, Chile, República Checa, Chipre, Dinamarca, Estónia, Finlândia, França, Alemanha, Grécia, Gronelândia, Hong Kong, Hungria, Islândia, Índia, Irlanda, Israel, Iraque (US Army), Itália, Japão, Luxemburgo, Malásia, Malta, Países Baixos, Nova Caledónia, Nova Zelândia, Noruega, Peurto Rico, Polónia, Portugal, Roménia, Rússia, Espanha, Singapura, África do Sul, Coreia do SulSuécia, Suíça, África do Sul, Taiwan, Tailândia, Emirados Árabes Unidos, Kuwait, Reino Unido, Estados Unidos da América. Nós somos 100% fiável e de confiança em dar-lhe os melhores relógios com o melhor serviço a preços mais baixos! Estes são alguns dos comentários de nossos clientes:

Depoimentos de clientes
J. Magalhães, Brazil (Oct 2019)

Posted on: Nov-2019

First of many purchases I will make. Excellent service, speed, great price and well packaged product. I recommend! I already made two more purchases! Thank you. -- J. Magalhães, Brazil

W. Genevcius, Brazil (Sep 2019)

Posted on: Oct-2019

Good morning. I received the watch in perfect order condition. Thank you for your commitment and attention. Until the next purchase. Thank you. -- W. Genevcius, Brazil

L. Sestren, Brazil (Sep 2019)

Posted on: Sep-2019

I am very satisfied, I have already received my order, thank you very much, congratulations for the great service. -- L. Sestren, Brazil

B. TORCHIA, Brazil (Sep 2019)

Posted on: Sep-2019

Good Morning! Excellent purchase, I am more than satisfied. The product arrived in perfect condition and in less days. It is a fact that if I need to do more shopping and I will definitely refer to friends. Thank you!! -- B. TORCHIA, Brazil

P. SILVA, Brazil (Aug, 2019)

Posted on: Aug-2019

Very happy with the watch. -- P. SILVA, Brazil

T. Silva, Brazil (Aug 2019)

Posted on: Aug-2019

Yes, everything is fine. Best place to shop. -- T. Silva, Brazil

P. Marcolin, Brazil (July 2019)

Posted on: Jul-2019

I am very happy with my watch, and i'm really satisfied with the customer support and the speed of the delivery. The watch is in perfect order.--P. Marcolin, Brazil

W.Loro,Brazil (June 2019)

Posted on: Jun-2019

Even though it took a bit longer than expected for the order to arrive at my place , I’m very pleased with the product itself and the it exceeded my expectations in terms of content delivered.This was not my first purchase with Creation Watches and I’ll definitely buy again from you guys.--W.Loro,Brazil

B. Silveira, Brazil (June 2019)

Posted on: Jun-2019

I was pleased with my first shopping experience in CreationWatches. Good customer service and the order arrived within expected time for the type of delivery hired.-- B. Silveira, Brazil

L.Monteiro,Brazil (May 2019)

Posted on: May-2019

Hi, I got the watch yesterday. came in perfect condition. It is my first purchase, I am satisfied and I will certainly do other purchases in the future.Thank you.--L.Monteiro,Brazil

F.Rosseto,Brazil (May 2019)

Posted on: May-2019

I would like to greet the friends of Creation Watches. I will certainly buy more often, it was a magnificent experience, really enjoyed it. The best company in the world of watches.--F.Rosseto,Brazil

C.YASUNAGA,Brazil (May 2019)

Posted on: May-2019

Thank you for the excellent service regarding my watch order.Thank you very much. I am very satisfied and the Creation Watches is a great seller. All in order with warranty certificate and the watch.--C.YASUNAGA,Brazil

C. Júnior,Brazil (April 2019)

Posted on: Apr-2019

I have a very good experience shopping with you. The watch is really nice and beautiful. In the future if I’m going buy another watch, can be sure that I’ll contact you. Thanks very much!--C. Júnior,Brazil

--C.Yen,Brazil(March 2019)

Posted on: Mar-2019

It was a very nice purchase. I recommend to my friends to buy a watch here. Original product with low price.--C.Yen,Brazil

P.SILVA, Brazil (March 2019)

Posted on: Mar-2019

That parcel arrived here on time and in a nice shape.--P.SILVA, Brazil

C. Andre, Brazil (Nov 2018)

Posted on: Dec-2018

The CreationWatcher is an excellent store for those looking for a good watch with good price and excellent delivery service.--C. Andre , Brazil.

D. Alexsandro, Brazil (September 2018)

Posted on: Sep-2018

Awesome purchase! Everything went as expected. Very happy with the product and CreationWatches. Watch 100% original! I will certainly buy again in the future!-- D. Alexsandro, Brazil

V. Teixeira, Brazil (August 2018)

Posted on: Sep-2018

It was a great experience shopping with you. Great price and service. Hope to buy another watches in the future at V. Teixeira, Brazil

M. Herndl, Brazil (June 2018)

Posted on: Jun-2018

I received yesterday my watch and I am very satisfied with it.My experience with excellent. My best regards to you Raul and Vanya. Congratulations again--M. Herndl, Brazil

F. Ramos, Brazil (May 2018)

Posted on: May-2018

I have received my watch and I found very cool. I'm very happy with it. I'm just saving some money to shop again soon.--F. Ramos, Brazil

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