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Customer Testimonials

Over 350,000 happy customers in 100 countries and 17,000 testimonials can’t be wrong…

We’re proud of the service we provide.  But what does that mean exactly?

  • It starts with your first enquiry
  • It includes the shopping experience on our site
  • It’s the secure order process
  • It’s rapid delivery of the watches to make your day
  • It’s after sales support in the very few cases where there are issues

After so many years and over half a million watches sold, our glowing customer reviews are something we’re right to be proud of…

Customers wrote from all over the world. Check what people wrote from your County.

Customer Testimonials

As usually everything is perfect with your web site. -- F. Claerhout, France

-- F. Claerhout, France (Sep 2019)

Posted on: Sep-2019

It has arrived and in good condition. Thanks for everything. -- S. Vera, Spain

-- S. Vera, Spain (Sep 2019)

Posted on: Sep-2019

I'm 100% satisfied, everything went fine, the watch is perfect! -- D. Grasso, Italy

-- D. Grasso, Italy (Sep 2019)

Posted on: Sep-2019

Yes I received and I am happy with my order. I also appreciate your customer service, which have been very good.-- T. Häggblom, Finland

-- T. Häggblom, Finland (Sep 2019)

Posted on: Sep-2019

Third watch I've bought from you, good value & no problems.-- T. LOVELL-SMITH, United Kingdom

-- T. LOVELL-SMITH, United Kingdom (Sep 2019)

Posted on: Sep-2019

Very fast shipping, excellent watch.Thanks -- M. Zani, Italy

-- M. Zani, Italy (Sep 2019)

Posted on: Sep-2019

Beautiful watch, super fast shipping and order processing. I am very pleased and recommend it, I will definitely come back to you again.-- D. Rostkowski, Poland

-- D. Rostkowski, Poland (Sep 2019)

Posted on: Sep-2019

Watch is amazing! Thanks of fast shipping company I got my watch. I can recommend your shop as well as watch itself.-- S. Hetko, Poland

-- S. Hetko, Poland (Sep 2019)

Posted on: Sep-2019

Arrived in a perfect packaging. Very nice watch. -- A. Monaco, Philippines

-- A. Monaco, Philippines (Sep 2019)

Posted on: Sep-2019

Everything is fine and I am happy with the product. The short delivery of my chosen product, it was really fast. Thank you for your information concerning the status of the delivery. I appreciate your kindness and i will recommend your company.-- H. Schulz, Germany

-- H. Schulz, Germany (Sep 2019)

Posted on: Sep-2019

I would like to thank you for your excellent and quick service. The watch arrived in perfect order. Also it is very inspiring to roam around in your excellent website. Thanks again and best wishes. -- R. Drift, Netherlands

-- R. Drift, Netherlands (Sep 2019)

Posted on: Sep-2019

Thanks for consequent great watch for the reasonable price. Good to see and CreationWatches store continues to provide amazing goods and service.-- A. Arsynenko, Ukraine

-- A. Arsynenko, Ukraine (Sep 2019)

Posted on: Sep-2019

Thank you very much. I have received the watch , and i am very pleased with it. I have purchased many watches from you in the past and all have been exceptional quality & value & promptly delivered. 5 STARS ALL ROUND ***** -- M. Constantine, United Kingdom

-- M. Constantine, United Kingdom (Sep 2019)

Posted on: Sep-2019

I have received my watch.Thank you the watch is wonderful, and I will be ordering again! -- D. Day, United States

-- D. Day, United States (Sep 2019)

Posted on: Sep-2019

Thank you very much! I have now received my watch and I am 100% satisfied.Your service have worked very well! Happy Customer! -- P. Hoffman, Sweden

-- P. Hoffman, Sweden (Sep 2019)

Posted on: Sep-2019

Hi, I received my watch in time. Thanks for the fast delivery, the watch is really beautiful. -- P. Sharan, France

-- P. Sharan, France (Sep 2019)

Posted on: Sep-2019

Yes, I received the order in super quick time. Watch was well packaged and was exactly what my mum was looking for. Great price. I will buy another watch from you again this is my 3rd already! -- K. Wong, United Kingdom

-- K. Wong, United Kingdom (Sep 2019)

Posted on: Sep-2019

Yes, I can confirm that I received my order well and I'm really satisfied with my purchase. This was my first shopping experience with you, I am really satisfied and in the future I surely will buy watches again from your site. Thank you very much -- B. Limongi, Italy

-- B. Limongi, Italy (Sep 2019)

Posted on: Sep-2019

I am very happy with my last purchase in creationWaches.com, Finally, in terms of the shopping experience with Creation watches, as always excellent, high quality handling and preparation of shipments .Congratulations on your professionalism and price competitiveness. For all this, you are my favorite website to buy watches, in fact, most of my small collection, I have bought at Creation watches web site where, I will continue to buy regularly for increased my collection. In fact, I am already thinking about the next piece that I‘m going to purchase in Creation watches. Greetings and congratulations for all the staff.-- C. Jorques, Spain

-- C. Jorques, Spain (Sep 2019)

Posted on: Sep-2019

Hi, the watch came in less days. Everything was perfect, I'm very pleased with your service and I'm sure that I will shop with you again.-- B. Krasinski, Poland

-- B. Krasinski, Poland (Sep 2019)

Posted on: Sep-2019

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