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We have thousands of very satisfied customers from many countries: Australia, Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Chile, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Iraq (U.S. Army), Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Norway, Peurto Rico, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE, Kuwait, United Kingdom, USA. We are 100% reliable and trustworthy in getting you the best watches with the best service at the lowest prices! These are some of the comments from our customers:

Customer Testimonials
A. Wojciechowska, Poland (Jan 2016)

Posted on: Jan-2016

Thank you for shipment. Watch is great and satisfy these requirements. Shopping at your store is a pleasure :) -- A. Wojciechowska, Poland

K. Czajkowski, Poland (Nov 2015)

Posted on: Nov-2015

Yes, I have already received my watch and I must say that I'm impressed. This watch (srp481 Seiko) looks amazing and stunning. It looks like watch a much more expensive. This is one of my best choices. The watch was well packaged and I did not pay any duty. I will really reccomend buying a watch in your store if any of my friends will do. Overall satisfaction: 5/5-- K. Czajkowski, Poland

L. Rutkowski, Poland (Nov 2015)

Posted on: Nov-2015

Great watch, best price and express service. Thank you so much!--L. Rutkowski, Poland

P. Bronowski, Poland (Sep 2015)

Posted on: Sep-2015

The watch has just arrived. It looks great.-- P. Bronowski, Poland

M. Kuflewicz, Poland (Sep 2015)

Posted on: Sep-2015

Thank you very much. The watch is superb, and your services are excellent. I will definitely spread the word, and encourage my friends to check out CreationWatches. com-- M. Kuflewicz, Poland

P. Bronowski, Poland (Sep 2015)

Posted on: Sep-2015

The ordered watch has just arrived, the watch looks great.-- P. Bronowski, Poland

T. Dzieciatkowski, Poland (Aug 2015)

Posted on: Aug-2015

I would like to thank you for your professional and fast service. Everything was at the highest level. If I planned next purchase I will definitely be using your services.-- T. Dzieciatkowski, Poland

D. Budziński, Poland (Jul 2015)

Posted on: Jul-2015

I've just received the watch. It runs and looks excellent. Thank you for very good contact and prompt transaction.-- D. Budziński, Poland

I. Kaminska, Poland (Dec 2014)

Posted on: Dec-2014

Here I have some comments about my shopping experience with you. I would like to say thank you for very fast shipping and for the best customer service I have ever had. Watch came safe and sound in very safe box fulfilled with styrofoam. I am sure that I will make another order in the future in your shop. Thank you again for this purchase.-- I. Kaminska, Poland

K. Wielgo, Poland (Oct 2014)

Posted on: Oct-2014

I've received my order and everything is correct. My Citizen watch is authentic indeed, I've received it really fast - as I choose standard registered parcel free shipping method. It was well packed - which prevented to get any damage. So, I'm going to shop again with you again.-- K. Wielgo, Poland

P. Sroczynski, Poland (Sep 2014)

Posted on: Sep-2014

I'm very happy with the purchase. Shipping was really fast and overall I'm very satisfied with the customer service. -- P. Sroczynski, Poland

M. Komander, Poland (Sep 2014)

Posted on: Sep-2014

Thank you for your top-shelf quality support and swift shipping. I've received a watch on Friday which is lightning bolt fast :) Overall you've exceeded my expectations with both purchase and your support. I'll come back to shop again with you. -- M. Komander, Poland

J. Kurzyk, Poland (Aug 2014)

Posted on: Aug-2014

I have just received the watch. It is excellent watch. Incredeably fast shipment time. I am very satisfied! Thank you very much. --J. Kurzyk, Poland

T. Bartoszek, Poland (Jul 2014)

Posted on: Jul-2014

Excellent shipment - ordered on Sunday, on Monday emails with shipment tracking started to appear, with package on Wednesday in Poland, after customs clearance etc - DHL trying to deliver package on Friday the same week! You want to know where your package is? - just click a link from the email. The watch is great and half price of Polish shop price - I will definately recommend this watch to other people, as well as will order some other watch(es) myself. -- T. Bartoszek, Poland

S. Rudowicz, Poland (Jun 2014)

Posted on: Jun-2014

I received with very smrat describtion and very fast, thanks a lot, and gl. -- S. Rudowicz, Poland

G. Biały, Poland (Jun 2014)

Posted on: Jun-2014

I would say that it was a pleasure to make a business with you. Everything went smooth, no problem with communication, delivery, packaging, invoicing. Everything as agreed. -- G. Biały, Poland

A. Stepniak, Poland (May 2014)

Posted on: May-2014

the watch I bought is just fantastic. Thank you for sending it to me just like I wanted, by airmail. -- A. Stepniak, Poland

M. Zawila, Poland (Jan 2014)

Posted on: Jan-2014

It was a pleasure buying in Your store, great contact, great prices, and especially, what is importent for customers in Poland, great shipping procedure, and I didnt pay any extra charge. -- M. Zawila, Poland

T. Gawron, Poland (Nov 2013)

Posted on: Nov-2013

Thank you very much for your professional attitude during the transaction process. I am much more than happy. The watch works perfect and looks MUCH better than in the pictures; it attracts everyone's attention in the blink of an eye. In other words let me feel free to order another watch via your website sooner rather than later. -- T. Gawron, Poland

L. Soczówka, Poland (Nov 2013)

Posted on: Nov-2013

Watch arrived in one piece:) It's my first automatic watch and to be honest it's absolutely perfect in every way.What can I say about shopping experience with you - just like watch, perfect customer service. Express shipping, quality service and of course competitive price for watch. That's why I decided to buy with you and I'll definitely do that again.Thank You very much. -- L. Soczówka, Poland

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