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We have thousands of very satisfied customers from many countries: Australia, Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Chile, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Iraq (U.S. Army), Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Norway, Peurto Rico, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE, Kuwait, United Kingdom, USA. We are 100% reliable and trustworthy in getting you the best watches with the best service at the lowest prices! These are some of the comments from our customers:

Customer Testimonials
T. Bartoszek, Poland (Jul 2014)

Posted on: Jul-2014

Excellent shipment - ordered on Sunday, on Monday emails with shipment tracking started to appear, with package on Wednesday in Poland, after customs clearance etc - DHL trying to deliver package on Friday the same week! You want to know where your package is? - just click a link from the email. The watch is great and half price of Polish shop price - I will definately recommend this watch to other people, as well as will order some other watch(es) myself. -- T. Bartoszek, Poland

S. Rudowicz, Poland (Jun 2014)

Posted on: Jun-2014

I received with very smrat describtion and very fast, thanks a lot, and gl. -- S. Rudowicz, Poland

G. Biały, Poland (Jun 2014)

Posted on: Jun-2014

I would say that it was a pleasure to make a business with you. Everything went smooth, no problem with communication, delivery, packaging, invoicing. Everything as agreed. -- G. Biały, Poland

A. Stepniak, Poland (May 2014)

Posted on: May-2014

the watch I bought is just fantastic. Thank you for sending it to me just like I wanted, by airmail. -- A. Stepniak, Poland

M. Zawila, Poland (Jan 2014)

Posted on: Jan-2014

It was a pleasure buying in Your store, great contact, great prices, and especially, what is importent for customers in Poland, great shipping procedure, and I didnt pay any extra charge. -- M. Zawila, Poland

T. Gawron, Poland (Nov 2013)

Posted on: Nov-2013

Thank you very much for your professional attitude during the transaction process. I am much more than happy. The watch works perfect and looks MUCH better than in the pictures; it attracts everyone's attention in the blink of an eye. In other words let me feel free to order another watch via your website sooner rather than later. -- T. Gawron, Poland

L. Soczówka, Poland (Nov 2013)

Posted on: Nov-2013

Watch arrived in one piece:) It's my first automatic watch and to be honest it's absolutely perfect in every way.What can I say about shopping experience with you - just like watch, perfect customer service. Express shipping, quality service and of course competitive price for watch. That's why I decided to buy with you and I'll definitely do that again.Thank You very much. -- L. Soczówka, Poland

D. Ulatowski, Poland (Nov 2013)

Posted on: Nov-2013

I am quite surprised about how fast the order was manage, it was faster than custom procedure in Poland. It was 2 days in Poland 5 days at home. I quite satisfied with the order and watch works so far perfectly.Thanks for good corporation. -- D. Ulatowski, Poland

P. CAŁKA, Poland (Aug 2013)

Posted on: Aug-2013

Hello and recommend to all who want to purchase dokanć this business, rapid shipment in accordance with the description. I hope this is not my last purchase, recommend.-- P. CAŁKA, Poland

M. Wi?czkowski, Poland (Mar 2013)

Posted on: Mar-2013

I would like to thank you for the quick shipment, the watch came in perfect condition. Is beautiful and my eyes:-))) I bought from the state for the second watch "Seiko" and certainly not the last. -- M. Więczkowski, Poland

T. Gozdziewicz, Poland (Mar-2013)

Posted on: Mar-2013

Watch just arrived, thanks a lot for your cooperation. --T. Gozdziewicz,Poland

A. Kurek, Poland (Apr 2012)

Posted on: Apr-2012

I have a pleasure to say that i am extremely happy with the purchase of my watch i have made lately with Creationwatches. The transaction was processed fast and delivery was impressively quick. Nice way to buy watches. -- A. Kurek, Poland

P. Kurzawa, Poland (Aug 2011)

Posted on: Aug-2011

It was a really good decision. At first I was not sure if I should buy my Citizen from on-line shop but after all I must say it was a good choice. All as it should be. Quick, good contact, nice watch. I would buy from you again. -- P. Kurzawa, Poland

J. Szumbarski, Poland (Oct 2010)

Posted on: Oct-2010

I've received my watch this morning. Everything is perfect. Thanks a lot. -- J. Szumbarski, Poland

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