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Customer Testimonials

Over 350,000 happy customers in 100 countries and 17,000 testimonials can’t be wrong…

We’re proud of the service we provide.  But what does that mean exactly?

  • It starts with your first enquiry
  • It includes the shopping experience on our site
  • It’s the secure order process
  • It’s rapid delivery of the watches to make your day
  • It’s after sales support in the very few cases where there are issues

After so many years and over half a million watches sold, our glowing customer reviews are something we’re right to be proud of…

Customers wrote from all over the world. Check what people wrote from your County.

Customer Testimonials

Thank you for awesome WATCH! Everything is good :) GREETINGS FROM POLAND!Creation Watches, i love you! -- O. Buczkowski, Poland

-- O. Buczkowski, Poland (Mar 2017)

Posted on: Mar-2017

Yes, everything was ok, If I would buy new watch I will do this with You. -- W. Goliński, Poland

-- W. Goliński, Poland (Mar 2017)

Posted on: Mar-2017

Thank you very much for efficient transaction. The price very attractive. Delivery very fast, from SINGAPORE to Poland 4 days !!! Pack packaged safely, watch in original box with instructions. I recommend :) -- W. DLUGOSZ, Poland

-- W. DLUGOSZ, Poland (Feb 2017)

Posted on: Feb-2017

Thank you for your service, watch is fantastic. Everything was fine during the transaction, shipment was fast (it takes 4 days from Singapore to Poland) and the contact with the customer service was really good. That was my first shopping in CreationWatches, but I'm 100% sure that was not my last shopping! Thank you very much. -- J. Dudelewicz, Poland

-- J. Dudelewicz, Poland (Feb 2017)

Posted on: Feb-2017

Shipping was very fast (3 days from Singapore to Poland). Great watch and service. This was not my last shopping in CreationWatches.com -- M. Bartnikiewicz, Poland

-- M. Bartnikiewicz, Poland (Jan 2017)

Posted on: Jan-2017

Thanks for the great watch. Shopping with you is a real pleasure. See you again! -- Ł. Kucharz, Poland

-- Ł. Kucharz, Poland (Dec 2016)

Posted on: Dec-2016

Thank you so much for quick delivery of the watch. The watch is really o.k. especially for the price. I'm sure to buy more from you shop. You are very professional. -- L. Stalony, Poland

-- L. Stalony, Poland (Nov 2016)

Posted on: Nov-2016

yesterday I received my order and am very happy with it. The watch is great, and I'm wearing it all the time now :). -- P. Peszt, Poland

-- P. Peszt, Poland (Sep 2016)

Posted on: Sep-2016

Very good transaction and speedy one! I am very satisfied with transaction and watch. Thank you! -- W. Korczynski, Poland

-- W. Korczynski, Poland (Jul 2016)

Posted on: Jul-2016

Watch just arrived, everything is okay. Thank you very much for flawless and service :-) -- M. Michałowski, Poland

-- M. Michałowski, Poland (Jun 2016)

Posted on: Jun-2016

I have to admit, that shopping with Creation Watches was really nice experience. You have good prices and fast shipping - I received my item within two weeks, which I see really good time, if You consider that it spent 3 or 4 days in Polish tax office.I'm also very nice surprised by the time you answered my questions. -- R. Zęgota, Poland

-- R. Zęgota, Poland (Feb 2016)

Posted on: Feb-2016

Everything was Great, im very happy. :)-- A. Majewska, Poland

-- A. Majewska, Poland (Feb 2016)

Posted on: Feb-2016

Thank you for shipment. Watch is great and satisfy these requirements. Shopping at your store is a pleasure :) -- A. Wojciechowska, Poland

-- A. Wojciechowska, Poland (Jan 2016)

Posted on: Jan-2016

Yes, I have already received my watch and I must say that I'm impressed. This watch (srp481 Seiko) looks amazing and stunning. It looks like watch a much more expensive. This is one of my best choices. The watch was well packaged and I did not pay any duty. I will really reccomend buying a watch in your store if any of my friends will do. Overall satisfaction: 5/5-- K. Czajkowski, Poland

-- K. Czajkowski, Poland (Nov 2015)

Posted on: Nov-2015

Great watch, best price and express service. Thank you so much!--L. Rutkowski, Poland

-- L. Rutkowski, Poland (Nov 2015)

Posted on: Nov-2015

The watch has just arrived. It looks great.-- P. Bronowski, Poland

-- P. Bronowski, Poland (Sep 2015)

Posted on: Sep-2015

Thank you very much. The watch is superb, and your services are excellent. I will definitely spread the word, and encourage my friends to check out CreationWatches. com-- M. Kuflewicz, Poland

-- M. Kuflewicz, Poland (Sep 2015)

Posted on: Sep-2015

The ordered watch has just arrived, the watch looks great.-- P. Bronowski, Poland

-- P. Bronowski, Poland (Sep 2015)

Posted on: Sep-2015

I would like to thank you for your professional and fast service. Everything was at the highest level. If I planned next purchase I will definitely be using your services.-- T. Dzieciatkowski, Poland

-- T. Dzieciatkowski, Poland (Aug 2015)

Posted on: Aug-2015

I've just received the watch. It runs and looks excellent. Thank you for very good contact and prompt transaction.-- D. Budziński, Poland

-- D. Budziński, Poland (Jul 2015)

Posted on: Jul-2015

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