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Customer Testimonials

Over 350,000 happy customers in 100 countries and 17,000 testimonials can’t be wrong…

We’re proud of the service we provide.  But what does that mean exactly?

  • It starts with your first enquiry
  • It includes the shopping experience on our site
  • It’s the secure order process
  • It’s rapid delivery of the watches to make your day
  • It’s after sales support in the very few cases where there are issues

After so many years and over half a million watches sold, our glowing customer reviews are something we’re right to be proud of…

Customers wrote from all over the world. Check what people wrote from your County.

Customer Testimonials

I'm very happy - shipment was quick, watch is high quality product, excellent price - I'm recommending this shop! Thanks!--A. Wisniewski, Poland

-- A. Wisniewski, Poland (Feb 2018)

Posted on: Feb-2018

Thank You for perfect transaction. I am sure that will back Your shop.--A. Kaczmarek, Poland

-- A. Kaczmarek, Poland (Jan 2018)

Posted on: Jan-2018

Thank you, everything is ok. with watch from you. I received this product in excellent condition.--I. Chmura, Poland

-- I. Chmura, Poland (Jan 2018)

Posted on: Jan-2018

I'm very happy with the purchase. The watch is superb, and your services are excellent. :)--M. Pasiak, Poland

-- M. Pasiak, Poland (Jan 2018)

Posted on: Jan-2018

I would like to thank you very much for your service. I revived watch yesterday and its truly amazing :) For sure it's not my last shopping in CW! All the best for CW team in 2018!--L. Bolek, Poland

-- L. Bolek, Poland (Jan 2018)

Posted on: Jan-2018

Thank you, thank you very much for your service. I've received the piece quicker than I could imagined. I have bigger problems here in my country to get the online shopping sooner. Congratulation for your business possibilities.Of course the time piece itself is remarkable and I love it. It was a pleasure shopping with you. I'll be back soon.--K. Stepien, Poland

-- K. Stepien, Poland (Dec 2017)

Posted on: Dec-2017

Great watch my wife really liked it and shipping is pretty fast, just 5 days to my door in pre-Christmas time, thank you!--A. Lukashchuk, Poland

-- A. Lukashchuk, Poland (Dec 2017)

Posted on: Dec-2017

And I thank You for fantastic customer service. After the prices this is the most important in shopping process and You are just perfect. I am very happy with my new watch and I definitely buy next one in Creationwatches.--M. Balkowski, Poland

-- M. Balkowski, Poland (Dec 2017)

Posted on: Dec-2017

I am happy with the purchase and the whole transaction.--A. Citko, Poland

-- A. Citko, Poland (Nov 2017)

Posted on: Nov-2017

Yes, everything is fine. Good watch, perfect contact. Excellent.--J. Wierzbicki, Poland

-- J. Wierzbicki, Poland (Oct 2017)

Posted on: Oct-2017

I'm amazed by the customer service quality and the speed of shipment You shop is providing. It's the second time I'm making a purchase with CreationWatches and surely it's not the last one.The prices are very competitive compared to other shops. The watch is great, obviously. Please keep up Your amazing work.--P. Billing, Poland

-- P. Billing, Poland (Oct 2017)

Posted on: Oct-2017

I present my opinion about my purchase in your shop: "I'm very satisfied with my purchase in creationwatches.com. It was my first watch, which I have bought in this shop, and i think that I would buy next watch in this shop too. Great customer service, very fast shipping, good e-mail contact. I strongly recommend this shop.--D. Świstak, Poland

-- D. Świstak, Poland (AUG 2017)

Posted on: Sep-2017

Thank You for very quick delivery and first of all for a great watch at at least reasonable price. Definitely that will not be my last ,but first of many buys with CreationWatches .--P. Buczyński, Poland

-- P. Buczyński, Poland (AUG 2017)

Posted on: Aug-2017

Hi it was my first experience witch CreationWatches. Nice price, fast delivery, low duty and watch exactly like ordered – only positives. I strong recommend.--W. Majewski, Poland

-- W. Majewski, Poland (AUG 2017)

Posted on: Aug-2017

This was my second time when I was shopping with CreationWatches. And again, I am very satisfied, as my watch was much cheaper than other stores and of course genuine. I'm going to shop with CreationWatches again in the future--K. Wielgo, Poland

-- K. Wielgo, Poland (AUG 2017)

Posted on: Aug-2017

I would like to thank you for the great service. I am very happy with the purchase of Creation Watches: fast delivery, safe packaging, good contact with the service.--T. Bolek, Poland

-- T. Bolek, Poland (AUG 2017)

Posted on: Aug-2017

Great shop, fast shipping and good prices.--G. Kaczor, Poland

-- G. Kaczor, Poland (July 2017)

Posted on: Jul-2017

This is my second purchase on creationwatches. And again great customer service. Order fulfillment excellent. I recommend creationwatches--R. Sobkowiak, Poland

-- R. Sobkowiak, Poland (June 2017)

Posted on: Jun-2017

bardzo dobra obsługa klienta. Szybka wysyłka. Zegarek bezpiecznie zapakowany i doszedł po 3 dniach. Jestem zadowolony z niskich opłat podatkowych. Brawo CreationWatches! -- R. Sobkowiak, Poland

-- R. Sobkowiak, Poland (May 2017)

Posted on: May-2017

Great shop. Instant shopping - 4 days. Wow! Great prices. The watch was well protected against damage. Shopping with you is a guarantee of satisfaction. Keep it up. Thank you! -- M. Kaszorek, Poland

-- M. Kaszorek, Poland (Mar 2017)

Posted on: Mar-2017

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