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We have thousands of very satisfied customers from many countries: Australia, Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Chile, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Iraq (U.S. Army), Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Norway, Peurto Rico, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE, Kuwait, United Kingdom, USA. We are 100% reliable and trustworthy in getting you the best watches with the best service at the lowest prices! These are some of the comments from our customers:

Customer Testimonials
K. Chan, Japan (Aug 2014)

Posted on: Aug-2014

I have received my new Orient watch - it arrived within a week of my order. The tracking feature was helpful as I could tell which day it would arrive. The watch is excellent, the price likewise, and the service great. Thank you! I shall be returning to you again.-- K. Chan, Japan

M. Nakamura, Japan (Jul 2014)

Posted on: Jul-2014

Thank you for the great products welcome here. I also want to buy in your shop. I leave feedback. Please leave feedback to me. And acquaintance ask good in the future. -- M. Nakamura, Japan

M. Arima, Japan (Oct 2013)

Posted on: Oct-2013

I bought watch at your page. I was very happy.-- M. Arima, Japan

M. Kato, Japan (Sep 2013)

Posted on: Sep-2013

I have received the watch. Very cool and happy to get this one. Thank you! -- M. Kato, Japan

Y. Shimazu, Japan (Aug 2013)

Posted on: Aug-2013

Dear CreationWatches, I have received the order. I appreciate the quick shipping. With heartfelt thanks.-- Y. Shimazu, Japan

M. Takaji, Japan (Jun 2013)

Posted on: Jun-2013

Thanks, i recieved the watches.you are very good dealer.thank you very much! -- M. Takaji, Japan

H. Hatta, Japan (Jun 2012)

Posted on: Jun-2012

I received the watch in perfect conditions, I was very pleased with my purchase. I also wanted to thank you for addressing me to Jason for the drop shipping program, which I successfully joined. I feel at ease knowing that my costumers will receive their watch in excellent conditions and timing. -- H. Hatta, Japan

T. Arima, Japan (Apr 2012)

Posted on: Apr-2012

i just received the watch and thank you very much. im very happy and satisfied what got. hopefully ill buy more watches from you in future. -- T. Arima, Japan

K. Ka, Japan (Mar 2012)

Posted on: Apr-2012

I already received my order This time I was able to trade with confidence. -- K. Ka, Japan

T Furuya, Japan (Nov 2011)

Posted on: Nov-2011

I got very nice watch from you. I checked by paypal but my adress is in Japanese. Next day, You confirm my adress by e-mail. Very great !!! Thank you for your help and quick support. Creation Watches is very reliable shopping site for foreign coutry custmers. I'll buy from you next time. Tkank you very much. -- T Furuya,Japan

K. Mizutani, Japan (Jan 2011)

Posted on: Jan-2011

Recently, I received a watch with no damage. I am very satisfied. I appreciate you support and suggestions as well. Too the next time, I will buy a wonderful watch from you . Thank you! -- K. Mizutani, Japan

K. Harada, Japan (Dec 2010)

Posted on: Dec-2010

quick and smooth delivery, i am satisfied. please keep on doing so, I recommending you to my friends!-- K. Harada, Japan

N. Kosaka,Japan (Oct 2010)

Posted on: Oct-2010

Yes I received the watch. It was an pleasurable experience shopping with you guys, I plan to buy from you again soon. -- N. Kosaka,Japan

S. Ikeo , Japan (Jul 2010)

Posted on: Jul-2010

My name is Shinryo Ikeo. Has arrived safely watch. We really appreciate your speedy response. You buy a lot in the future. -- S. Ikeo , Japan

Naoto KANEKO , Japan (Jun 2010)

Posted on: Jun-2010

Thank you very much. I strongly reccomend Creation Watches. I was surprised the watch is arrived so fast, it's the next day from my order, even if the goods are delivery from abroad. All I was satisfied that quick action, support service by e-mail and fast delivery. -- Naoto KANEKO , Japan

Mari Barbault , Japan (May 2010)

Posted on: May-2010

Thank you so much for everything. I received my order so well and it was so fast!!! Excellent!!! More than anything,Thank you so much for your e-mail. I feel so secure with you and I would love to do shopping with you!!! Thank you very much! -- Mari Barbault , Japan I will come back soon.

Mr Spencer Close, Japan (Apr 2010)

Posted on: Apr-2010

Thanks for your e-mail. Service was very prompt and the ease of tracking made it a good experience. -- Mr Spencer Close, Japan

Go Sudo, Japan (Oct 2009)

Posted on: Oct-2009

Thank you for your communication. I received the watch at last. I like it very much. Good watch is good deal. -- Go Sudo, Japan

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